Best VPN for Online Gaming With Reduced Lag

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Using an Online Gaming VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is primarily meant to protect users while online by securing their data through encryption, hiding their real IP addresses for snooping free activity and keeping the online activity anonymous from governments and hackers. However, VPN users have recently discovered that the entire encryption, IP cloaking and tunneling process is actually very handy when engaging in multi-player gaming!

Online game VPN services, as the name suggests are optimized to provide high speed access to gamers. While there is an increasing number of all-purpose VPN services, not all of them qualify as online gaming VPN free of network hurdles.

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Online Gaming in a New Age

Online Gaming has taken its roots in our hyper-connected society with gamers hailing from every continent. As gamers progress, they look for stronger challengers to improve their skill level, this requires connecting to distant regions. For instance a Chinese Dota 2 player wanting to challenge someone in Europe.

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Graph: Five year trend showing the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for Global Online Gaming segmented by Gaming Devices – Source : Newzoo

The increase in online gaming has been exponential during the last few years. With technology solving all other problems, the last remaining hurdle for online gaming comes from the challenges rooted in connection speeds between distant servers. This also gives rise to regional restrictions in online gaming.

Eliminate Lag

Latency and lag are not new issues, and while this issue has persisted in online gaming there aren’t many solutions. The best and most possible solution is to use a high speed broadband connection, which obviously will be a bit costlier for most.

A viable alternative solution is to use an online gaming VPN with high speed (Gigabit) servers. This  will not only enhance the connection to other regions but also maintain the integrity of the connection (give or take some bandwidth). Allow me to demonstrate the difference with a description that simplifies the entire concept:

The internet is a highway and congested lanes will always have slow moving traffic and frequent jams. In comparison, the empty lane will not have any slowdowns or jam issues since there are only a few people on it. An online game VPN does the same for gamers, by routing all data requests through its own super-secure servers rather than passing through the public internet – online gamers can access foreign regions and game with flawless speeds.


If you are to improve your online gaming experience or wish to secure your gaming accounts from hacking threats, I would recommend investing in one of the top free online gaming VPN services. A premium online game VPN provider will have the added advantage of giving you control over high speed servers, across the world and speed boost ad-ons to fire up your bandwidth.

Only a few VPN services make the cut if you evaluate the dozens that are flooding cyberspace these days. So browse carefully through the VPN brands we have reviewed and listed – most of them offer  trials to help you test them before committing to a subscription.

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