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Censorship nightmares have made a deep impact on the online users all across the globe and for Oman, the condition is more or less the same. Oman is considered to a tolerant and moderate country that believes in the freedom to speech. However, as far as internet censorship is concerned, it has its own reservations as well, like other countries.

What does it censor?

All the details regarding internet censorship in Oman are included in its Internet Service Manual. It lists a whole lot of activities as illegal that include:VPN Oman

  • Web based content that is found suspicious of going against the will of Sultan or the royal family
  • Online material they is posing a threat to the nation’s security
  • Websites that are against the government are believed to provoke the citizens against the rule.
  • Data that defies the law or that can invite political unrest
  • Information that incites hatred among the people

Alongside these significant points, Oman is also prompt to censor a website that it finds to be engaged in:

  • Pornography
  • Lesbian, Gay/ homosexual content
  • Anti-Islamic acts
  • Promotion of addictives such as drugs

Though, there is hardly anything to prove that Oman filters political content as well but its laws do endorse self-censorship and limitations on free expression over the internet.

The apprehensions

Citizens in Oman are often hesitant to access the internet services in the country, since it home to only a single ISP, which is Omantel . They fear that government might track all their online activities and may also take strict action against them if it suspects their practices to be challenging the internet service manual.

The solution

One probable solution to avoid from being identified is to have an IP that represents a non-Oman location. Various VPN service providers are there that help the users to dawn such a task with high rate of success.

Benefits of VPN Oman

If you are foreigner, located in Oman due to business and missing your favorite TV shows or even if you are its citizen but want to watch hulu, netflix outside us that keep you updated of the latest happenings in the world, VPN could be of much help. It is likely that most of the websites that you want to access whether related to entertainment, news, sports or even pornography (for some research work) are censored in Oman. With a VPN Oman of your choice, you can easily bypass the filtering and can romance with your favorite websites.

Best VPN Oman providers

The list of best VPN Oman providers that could help you to accomplish such a task successfully is given here:


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