Best VPN For Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora)

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Linux is a much in demand OS when it comes to assuring safety for your private data and its secure transmission over the internet. The same holds true with Linux VPN where the operating system accomplishes its task of maintaining user’s secrecy over the internet in both of its Ubuntu and Fedora versions. VPN providers are quick to offer their services on these Linux based OS as well along with Windows, Mac, Android and other OS. Let us know more about them in detail. Below is given the detailed list of best VPN for Linux. Hope it helps your cause and enables you to make the best choice as per your suitability:

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Here is a bit detail of the top three service providers in this regard.



The best VPN service tested to work seamlessly with iPad 2 is IPVanish. It has a custom iOS VPN software so that you can easily configure and use it without fail.

IPVanish is spread across 47 countries. It has more than 130+ giga-byte servers with support for all major protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. Further, you can also set up IPVanish on other iOS devices like iPhone and Mac.

IPVanish comes in a pocket-friendly package of $7.50 a month or $58.49/year.



Based on our criteria, ExpressVPN comes as the best choice for most privacy-oriented internet users. It has over 55 servers in 40 countries, getting your one of the best VPN speeds one can imagine. ExpressVPN support PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, and has custom applications for Windows, Android, iOS and other internet-enabled devices.



At No.2 is PureVPN. It features some remarkable encryption features and a split-tunneling functionality to give the best of security and speed. PureVPN has hundreds of servers placed across 35 locations, and gets you multiple-login feature to secure your Android, Windows and iOS devices in a single package. The monthly average of PureVPN annual subscription comes at $4.16, getting users a fair amount of economy with a seamless service and customer support.


Linux VPN

VPN or the virtual private network, as obvious, allows you to carry on with your internet activities without the intrusion of any third party. Whether you are sharing a printer installed at some other computer connected to the network, or you want to access a blocked website, to do these and many more similar tasks, VPN is the best mode. VPN on Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora) is highly beneficial in the sense that it allows the users to be at the receiving end of even better security as compared to the other operating systems.

Best VPN standards for Linux

Varied VPN standards can be utilized to serve your purpose of being anonymous over the internet, such as: IPSEC: Once carefully configured, IPSec is hitherto one of the most secure VPN protocols and is available with two prominent implementations, one of them being FreeS/WAN that has been classified into Openswan and Strongswan. The other implementation is a part of KAME Project from the popular Unix system, BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), also known as Berkley Unix. Linux VPN OpenVPN: The SSL based VPN, or the OpenVPN has gained high eminence in the recent times since it requires only one of the UDP or TCP ports to tunnel the traffic. It is basically a browser based proxy server and hence can be used for commercial implementations. Alongside, it also possesses full-tunneled implementations. Among all the open source VPN standards, OpenVPN holds the distinction of being the most mature and feature-rich. PPTP: The Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol works on Data Link Layer of the OSI model. It can be comfortably used with Linux/BSD, windows and MacOS and hence is a preferred choice of most of the organizations. For Linux, it works best with the PoPToP server.  

Best VPN providers for Linux

It depends on your choice whether you want to use Fedora or Ubuntu to connect to your VPN; the VPN providers that support Linux OS are more or less the same for both the versions. Pure VPN: It is perfectly compatible with Linux and provides a strong 128-bit encryption that keeps all the spying eyes away from your network, even your own ISP. It offers secure and fast solutions to make your digital world more secure than ever and can be availed of at a starting price of only $9.95. With its servers spread across 13 countries, it is a viable choice to opt for. HideMyAss: The VPN with its presence in as many as 33 countries and possessing more than 21000 IPs is undoubtedly considered to be among the best ones. Its command line based Linux version helps keep the hackers at bay. In addition, it also makes way for enhanced security and encryption with its OpenVPN connection. StrongVPN: It is one of the most widely used VPNs among the internet users, thanks to the voluminous amount of security it promises. With over 8265 IP addresses on 259 servers located in a staggering 19 counties all round the world; it is indeed a bankable VPN when it comes to hiding your identity over the internet. It is perfectly compatible with Linux and also provides a detailed guide to configure VPN for Linux.

Best VPN providers for Linux

It depends on your choice whether you want to use Fedora or Ubuntu to connect to your VPN; theVPN providers that support Linux OS are more or less the same for both the versions.

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