Kindle Fire VPN – How to Setup VPN on Kindle Fire

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Kindle Fire is a remarkable book reader designed and developed by Amazon. It can also be used for other activities just like any tablet computer – for browsing, videos, movies, chats and more. Here is the list of some of the best VPNs for Kindle Fire. You can refer it to choose the best VPN service for Kindle Fire as per your specific requirements. 

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How to Setup VPN on Router for Kindle Fire HD

There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled to setup a functional VPN for Kindle Fire. There are different protocols that can be used to access a Kindle Fire VPN. Some of them are open VPN, PPTP VPN and L2TP VPN. kindle fire vpn   Anyone choosing to setup a VPN for Kindle Fire has to select a suitable router and the most popular ones include the Linksys E2000 or Asus RT-N16. If these routers are not available in your local electronic store, then you must make sure that the router of your choice uses the Tomato, open WRT or the DD-WRT technology.

Steps to Configure VPN for Kindle Fire

1. Go to the control panel of DD-WRT 2. Click on setup-> Basic setup 3. Go to the connection type in the WAN setup window and set it to PPTP (Protocol access for Kindle Fire VPN) 4. Select yes again “Use DHCP” 5. Specify the Gateway (PPTP server) that is the IP address provided to you by Kindle Fire VPN service provider 6. Mention the details of your Kindle Fire VPN account username, PPTP password. You will find it in the HMA control panel. 7. Set the “Connection Strategy” to “Keep Alive” with the redial period according to your choice. 8. Now enable the PPTP encryption for a secure Kindle Fire VPN 9. Enable the Disable Packet Reordering 10. Add options such as MPPE required, stateless in the Additional PPTP Options Box 11. Disable the STP 12. Now leave all the options just the same 13. Click on the “Save” button and then “Apply Settings” and there you are ready to access VPN for Kindle Fire Once you have successfully configured your DD-WR router, you can easily connect your Kindle Fire VPN to it by using Wi-Fi and gain access to all the Amazon features and websites of your choice.

Understanding the Latest Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is an improved version of the original Kindle Fire that most successfully attempts to deliver a gateway to Amazon music, videos, books and content. This sleek 7 inch version offers several key hardware improvements, overhauled software at the same price tag. Like its original version, this tablet is inextricably tied to Amazon’s much beloved ecosystem of; • Digital media storefronts • Amazon MP3 • Amazon video • Kindle e-books • Exciting TV shows • Free streaming-video content • Free books from Amazon’s lending library However the only flaw with this device is that it does not have any built in Kindle Fire VPN support and lacks connectivity when used outside the US. So let us discuss how to use your latest Amazon Kindle Fire VPN from outside the US and know the advantages of running a Kindle Fire VPN connection from a Router

VPN for Kindle Fire HD tablet

Since the tablet doesn’t come with an inbuilt Kindle Fire VPN facility, it is considered to be a major setback for the consumers. However with developing technologies and reliable VPN for Kindle Fire service providers coming together with a router, the users will now be able to easily access the widely used Amazon’s features that were otherwise blocked from the updated Kindle Fire HD tablet. It is quite easy to set up your own VPN. The initial steps include: • Get a Kindle Fire VPN account from a reputable VPN service provider • A router that can be configured for virtual network purpose • An Amazon account

Bottom line

This is a miniature attempt from our side to make you aware of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the steps to configure VPN on it with the help of VPN routers. Hopefully, this information should have satisfied your queries regarding this amazing gadget of Amazon. Still if there is something left that you want to know, make sure that you know it from us at the earnest, for we are here to assist you in every possible manner.

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2 thoughts on “Kindle Fire VPN – How to Setup VPN on Kindle Fire

  1. Good idea. I do this today using an ASUS RT-N16 and a LT2p connection to HideMyAss from outside the USA. PPTP works okay too.

    However, it’s unnecessary to install DD-WRT on the ASUS RT-16. The current ASUS firmware levels easily support PPTP and LT2p connections to HideMyAss and is very easy to use. The latest firmware maintains the connection better.

    There can be a big drop in performance that can be a problem for live streaming video, but seems okay for downloading to the Kindle Fire. I don’t know if DD-WRT would be more efficient.

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