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Censorship in the Middle East countries is not any new thing. In the earlier times, it was restricted to the speech to freedom through newspapers, journals and similar modes; nowadays, internet has also fallen to its prey. Countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iran and more have been blocking the websites they find objectionable or going against Islam.

However, covertly, the reason may vary depending on the personal interests of the rulers in these nations. While DNS servers, proxies and Tor software failed to offer complete freedom from such censorship in Iran, VPN iran free is still holding on the baton in its hand, enabling the citizens there to access the blocked websites.

Internet Censorship in Iran

Iran is among the topmost countries in the world that have heavy restrictions on the internet access. They ban almost any site they find suspicious or against the religion. People are not allowed to post anything against the government or any of the administrative bodies on their blogs, failing which may result them to face severe punishments including imprisonment.

The country encourages its people to use Halal internet that is free of all the pornographic and social networking websites along with those they think is maligning the image of the country.

While for some people such type of internet access may be acceptable, still there are a bulk of users who prefer to remain in touch with people of their acquaintance spread across geographical boundaries either due to business purpose or for other important reasons.vpn iran free

In addition, people from US, UK and other countries who reside in Iran would like to get connected with their relatives, in addition they may also want to watch their favorite TV programs on Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and similar streaming websites.

With the wrath of censorship affecting the lives of such people, the need for a safe and secure VPN becomes evident, that could help them to keep in total anonymity while they access the blocked websites unfettered.

Best VPN Iran Free

Even the VPNs may be blocked at times, hence it is suggested to seek the services of a VPN iran free that allows you to surf internet from multiple servers hosted in different countries. Among the most sought after VPNs that allow you to access internet from Iran without any restriction, PureVPN could satisfy your purpose the best way.

This is followed by ibVPN, which is renowned for its security solutions and the volume of anonymity it offers while you remain online. StrongVPN is the next to follow in the league which is termed as the daddy of all the VPNs, thanks to its gigantic presence worldwide with 8691 IP’s on 259 servers in 19 countries around the world, indeed staggering stats.

The detailed list of top 5 VPN providers that allow unblocked internet access from Iran is given below.

Ranking Provider Discount More Info
25% OFF
$4.87 per month
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38% OFF
$3.07 per month
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$4.16 per month
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Free VPN for Iran

I understand it is not easy to buy VPN in Iran. Therefore, I have seen many Iranians who look for Free VPN services to use inside Iran in order ot bypass internet censorship. We have a list of Free VPN services that can help you bypass censorship in Iran with ease. However, you first need to find out a way to access them,
VPN is Illegal what’s next?

Visit our posts to see the complete list of Free VPN Services.

Well, if Iranian governments has declared the use VPN illegal then we are left with no choice then to use SSH tunnel, that will also help you bypass Internet Firewalls and successfully avoid government monitoring and access blocked websites in Iran. However, in order to buy SSH you will have to find out a way to purchase it as it is offered by very few of the VPN providers. Following two good VPN providers offer SSH Tunnel,

  1. IAPS VPN – Starting from 14.95 USD
  2. TuVPN – Starting from 12.00 USD

Please refer to post, how to buy VPN in Iran to see some ways on how you buy VPN or SSH in Iran. That will hopefully help you out. We will have a detailed post in next few days on how SSH can help people in  Iran bypassing internet censorship.

Hope this long post helps you ! If you need anything else feel free to contact us or leave your comments we will get back to you asap.


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    IAPS VPN do not work in Iran .I sign up in 3 month and the only help when i call them was Iran and USA is blocking each other. 39$ gone with the wind.
    Then i try CitizenVPN.dk they are number one in get you internet in Iran ,no problems and very good online help.
    IAPS do the talk not the walk

    • http://www.bestvpnservice.com Bestvpnservice.com

      Hello Stone,

      Thank you very much for dropping your question and considering us worth taking advise.

      You faced connectivity problem, I recommend you to convey this problem to support staff of IAPS. As it is the ultimate platform to respond it.

      And it is good to hear that you are satisfied with Citizen VPN, so continue using its VPN account as it is fulfilling your need.

      Hope above information will help you!


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