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It’s really easy to distinguish Shared IPs from Static IPs. Shared IPs assign you a subnet of a ‘bigger’ IP or internet address. Hence, its advantages will always be lesser than one of a dedicated IP. It is similar to a fully crowded metro versus an exclusive cruise in the open ocean. Here is a list of all top  Dedicated or Static IP VPN providers: 

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Why People Prefer Static IP VPN

It is a million dollar question. Well! It depends on your need and requirement. If your purpose of use is unique and more specific then you will need a Static IP. Didn’t get me? Ok! Let me make myself clear, you do banking transaction; sure you do have an online banking account that you use to control balance and do different transactions, you reside in Canada but then you move for a few days to another region and its routine travel that you carry most of the time. In this manner you won’t be allowed by your bank to access your bank online account from other regions. You need to get a login through Canadian IP. At that point getting a Canadian IP might be a migraine. So, to avoid such hassle you need a static IP VPN of Canada. It will help you to access your bank account where ever you go. Similarly, internet surfer, who spends most of the time in surfing the internet especially in streaming live channels and movies through Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and BBC iPlayer will also need a VPN. Without being in the USA, you are not permitted to get entertained with Hulu and Pandora. While not present at UK, sorry! Not able to access BBC iPlayer without a VPN. Finding less crowded and fast speed USA or UK server among the shared IPs is something like finding pearl from the ocean. A VPN removes these hurdles and provides the best you deserve on the net.

What I get from Dedicated IP VPN?

Static IP VPN is both beneficial and dysfunctional. First, we look onto some deadly benefits:

Total control over the Service

When you buy a Static IP VPN, your IP will not be shared by anyone else. You have all the control in your hand; every time you visit a website your IP will remain same. In this manner your static IP VPN will be checked only once. But if you keep visiting the website with numerous IPs, they will keep checking you all the time, hence more chance that your original place of login will be detected.

More Privacy and More Security

With static IP VPN, you might have no chance to hide behind the traffic but at same time you are getting more enhanced privacy and security. Since you the only one using the IP so, you have all the control over your action. What to do and where to do. Everything will be in your control. Since your IP is not shared, it becomes more secure from being misused by someone else.

Full Bandwidth and Speed

Unlike in shared IP, a Static IP VPN provides complete bandwidth for you and no bandwidth will be shared with any other user. Since you the alone using it, you should have no worries left about someone stealing the whole bandwidth. With least possible crowd on the dedicated IP’s server, speed hence is incredible.

Drawbacks of Dedicated or Static IP VPN

As aforementioned, rose comes with thorns. It’s the same with a dedicated or Static IP VPN service.


Being luxurious, Static IP VN a great deal of technical support that ultimately increases its cost. In other words, overall cost will usually be higher than that with a shared IP.

Server Switching

With a static IP VPN, server switching is not easy. In other words, if you’re using VPN in USA but want to switch to one with a static IP of UK, you will have to deploy a new VPN.

Winner for Static IP VPN

To save from maniac of searching and selecting, we have identified some best static IP VPN services. We have put up in a list of all best 5 static IP VPN providers. So you can judge our judgment by considering the rating scale based on key offerings of each VPN provider. But first let see who we named as our winners. Here are the top three winners.

  1. IPVanish
  2. Express VPN
  3. PureVPN

Wrap UP

PureVPN and StrongVPN are no doubt best VPN services in terms of technical support and customer care, which is thus a main characteristic for Dedicated or Static IP. Static or dedicated IP is a fixed, dedicated IP that does not change unlike a shared IP. A static IP VPN is a bit more expensive than shared IP but it comes along with many benefits.


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