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Is Your iPad Safe?

Before I even get to the point where I tell you benefits and why you need a VPN for iPad, let me just say “told you soApple fans”. Now that the news is official, Apple is neither the safest manufacturers of smartphones, neither tablets, nor computers and neither are their apps any safer.

ipad security warning

Now this isn’t even me it’s the US Government talking, apparently the people the entire world believes. Then there is the Zero-Day vulnerability in both iPad and iPhone devices running iOS8. Zero-Day has been designed in a way that hackers can simply crash an iPad or iPhone one connected to a Wi-Fi network that they are monitoring.

Zero Day works similarly like a DDoS attack, and sending irrelevant requests so the Apple device can’t take any more hence flooding its memory and crashing the device. While all this is based on chance that you connect to a malicious public Wi-Fi or a hacker’s personal network by error, the iCloud hack isnot.

Remember that beautiful saga that began with stolen nude celebrity pictures and was later identified that over 100,000cloud accounts were hacked. The funniest part of this controversy was that instead of taking responsibility Apple blamed the entire problem on “you” the users of the devices (you’re just brilliant Apple, incomparable morons).

ipad market share

The Apple iPad has although remained the top selling tablet since 2010, penetrating a larger market compared to any other brand.Even five years later, the Apple iPad holds a 47% market share compared to similar devices.

The Best Free VPN for iPad vs. Premium VPN for iPad

Free VPN for iPad is a great way to begin your journey withthese state of the art security & anonymity solutions. A Free VPN for iPad tablets usually fulfills the minimum requirement of usage i.e. security and anonymity, the only issue with these free versions are their limited features. We have compared a list of VPN for iPad free to use with Premium top tier VPN providers.

Premium VPNPremium VPNFree
As low as
$4.16per month
As low as
$4.87per month
As low as
$5.83per month
Visit Site >>Visit Site >>Visit Site >>
No Queues No Queues Queue Waiting Times
No Ads No Ads Ads Every 2 Hours
100+ Countries 60+ Countries 16 Countries
No Time Limit No Time Limit 3 Hour Session Time Limit
7 days Moneyback Guarantee 7-day Moneyback GuaranteeNo Moneyback Guarantee
SmartDNS Available No SmartDNS No SmartDNS
24/7 Live Chat No Live Support No Live Support
No LogsNo LogsNo Logs

The Best Free VPN Servicesfor iPad

Since VPN features are embedded in the iPad the device is highly compatible withmost providers. The only areas of crucial importance are:

  • The Encryption strength of the service
  • The Tunneling Protocols offered
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Global Server network

For your convenience we have put together a table listing the top VPN free for iPad:

Free iPad VPN App How Free Is It?
SurfEasy VPN 500MB/Month
CyberGhost VPN Ads + Waiting Times
TunnelBear 500MB/Month
Spotflux 14-Days
HotSpotShield 256MB/Day
ZenMate 500MB/Month

Top 3 Benefits of VPN for iPad

The bottom line when going online on the internet today is that everyone including ISPs, national security agencies, marketers, data miners, hackers and many others are hungry for your BIG DATA (name given to your private & sensitive information).

Remember, your internet activity is naked for the entire online community to see. Your Facebook, your pictures, you cloud storage, your apps, shopping preferences, financial data and practically your entire device is at risk.

Protect your iPad on Unsecure Networks

By far the most important feature of a VPN is that it will secure your device over public and other unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Modern day hackers are well versed with hacking and crashing the iPad, since it is a mobile tablet PC the iPad must be secure when outside your home network.

Since Apple feels its ok to blame customers when the iCloud server gets hacked, customers should take responsibility and find the solution themselves. Even when you are at a library, airport, train station, restaurantsetc. always secure your iPad with a VPN before you access any services over the internet.

Encryption provided by the free VPN for iPad allows your device to encrypt all data going out of the device. Encryption simply means coding your data into series of binary numbers (0 & 1)ensuring that infiltrators can steal nothing by meaningless numbers.


Be Anonymous with a free iPad VPN

Providing anonymity and securing your privacy are regarded as primary functions of any VPN free iPad. The tunneling protocols provided by the VPN vendor make this possible. Tunneling protocols act like a shield around your encrypted data transfers, making all the activity including downloads, communication, messaging, streaming etc.

ipad vpn

The iPad comes embedded with 3 unique tunneling protocols, with the option to choose the encryption strength level. The three built-in protocols available for iPad users include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Cisco IPSec. You can always download client apps offered by VPN providers which will offer a wider range of tunneling protocols and encryption standards to use, without having to manually setup.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Websites & Services

Facing geo-restrictions on the internet is the worst thing that happened to the World Wide Web. While fascist governments like the USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany etc. lobby to limit the internet through their apparently “clever” legislation, users across the world are screaming “bloody murder”.

But fear not netizens, you have internet freedom on your fingertips. An iPad VPN free will not only protect you it will unblock most geo-restrictions like they were never there. Access your favorite streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora Radio, Google Play, YouTube and many others while the fascist idiots watch in awe.

Farewell for Now!

Hopefully I have educated you enough to realize how important your data and online activity is. Third parties and marketing agencies pay millions to get hold of information like shopping preferences, ads watched and favorite shows, foods and clothing.

Remember that the best free VPN for iPad will ensure none of this data ever gets intercepted and your device stays intrusion free. In the end remember:

  • Never subscribe to a VPN based in USA, UK, China and Germany
  • Always read through the privacy policy of VPN servicesavailable on their websites
  • Always weigh the costs and benefits of VPN, since most provide added advantages

Read through our list of Premium &Freemium services, find the best VPN to protect and serve. Since no one wants to be responsible for your security including Apple, you might as well stand up and take control now. To leave you with a smile at the end:

vpn ipad free

ipad usage

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