Best Free iPhone VPN Services in 2015

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The iPhone with its unique design and exclusive OS features is considered the most safest software on user devices. Apple take pride in respecting the privacy and safety of their users, providing them with approved applications and flawless updates.

Wirelurker, an enterprise app based malware that infects Apple devices through USB connections.

In a very complex internet age, we did see however the infiltration of iCloud photos and video of iPhone customers by hackers. Similarly, Apple came up in headlines last month when a Chinese malware named Wirelurker was released to collect information from Apple phone, laptop and desktop devices.

Although both threats have been neutralized iPhone users have grown weary thinking about the next time such intrusions will occur.

Free VPN services for the iPhone

Today there is a huge market of free VPN for iPhone mostly used at public WiFi hotspots. While mobile devices including phones and tablets now come with built in VPN features, there is still a fight in the customers mind which ones to go for. There are hundreds of paid providers you can find online, but for those who look for the best free VPN for iPhone we have some great options reviewed for you.

FreePremium VPNPremium VPN
As low as
$5.83per month
As low as
$4.16per month
As low as
$4.87per month
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Queue Waiting Times No Queues No Queues
Ads Every 2 Hours No Ads No Ads
16 Countries 100+ Countries 60+ Countries
3 Hour Session Time Limit No Time Limit No Time Limit
No Moneyback Guarantee 7 days Moneyback Guarantee 7-day Moneyback Guarantee
No SmartDNS SmartDNS Available No SmartDNS
No Live Support 24/7 Live Chat No Live Support
No LogsNo LogsNo Logs

Tunnel Bear

By far Tunnel Bear is one of the best free VPN iPhone users can have on their devices. The free trial with Tunnel Bear is perpetual but comes with minimal features. The first limited feature you will see will be the 500 MB limit per month that can be consumed, users can however tweet about using the app and receive 1 GB more data.

The Tunnel Bear's free iPhone VPN app is extremely user friendly

The Tunnel Bear’s free iPhone VPN app is extremely user friendly

The free app will although let users access blocked web services and websites, but offers a limited number of servers. The software is easy to use and is available for iPhone.

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is another brilliant free VPN for iPhone users with a extensive server network in Europe and a few in the US. Since it offers servers in areas where iPhone usage is high Cyber Ghost is ideal for those looking for privacy on their Apple phones.

Screenshot of the Cyber Ghost Free iPhone VPN App

Screenshot of the Cyber Ghost Free iPhone VPN App

Inclusive of their military grade security is their “absolutely” no logs policy ensuring that users are secure and anonymous when online.

Being one of the best free VPN for the iPhone, Cyber Ghost also offer their free version with limited options. Each private session is limited to 3 hours, hence demands reconnection. A good feature is their extensive presence in Europe and US, but users in Asia and other regions will find no or fewer servers to connect to.


So remember to find the best free VPN for your iPhone, trial some top ranked services and find out which one is the ideal solution for your privacy and safety.

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