Best Free Android VPN Apps in 2016

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Ever come across a regional block screen when visiting Netflix for video streaming or when accessing you favorite songs on Spotify with your Android device? If you have, then welcome to the world of geo-restricted internet. Similarly, Android users also experience insufficient cyber security with their devices making them vulnerable on public WiFi networks.

Limitations Of Free VPN Apps On Android

To demonstrate the limited capability of free Android VPN services, we compare CyberGhost (one of the best free VPNs for Android) with IPVanish, one of the leading Android VPN service providers:

Premium VPNFree
As low as
$4.16per month
As low as
$5.83per month
Visit Site >>Visit Site >>
No Queues Queue Waiting Times
No Ads Ads Every 2 Hours
100+ Countries 16 Countries
No Time Limit 3 Hour Session Time Limit
7 days Moneyback GuaranteeNo Moneyback Guarantee
SmartDNS Available No SmartDNS
24/7 Live Chat No Live Support
No LogsNo Logs

Data Mining And Privacy Dangers Of Free VPN Apps

The best free VPN for Android OS are ideal for your devices but given their limited features you can only use them for a limited time, for limited purposes, in limited regions and with limited speed.

All Your Data is Sold

A critically important factor you need to consider when using a free Android VPN is that “if you’re not paying for it, then you are the product”. Free Android VPN will illegally collect tons of data about your browsing habits and sell it to marketers, this is known as Big Data Mining.

Bandwidth Limits

Free Android VPN come with bandwith limits that are usually very unreasonable. The bandwidth limit for a month is not even enough to stream a decent movie. And the cherry on top will be the constant buffering that will ruin the entire streaming experience – no matter what website you use.

Traffic Kick-out Quotas

Free Android VPN services have weak servers, which limit the number of users they can serve at any given time. It becomes almost impossible to log on during the weekends. Also, the per user time-limit can be pretty disappointing once you manage to log on. The service will disconnect your VPN connection the moment your time runs out, after which you will have to wait for a certain amount of time before you can be allowed to log on to the free Android VPN again.

Free Android VPN Apps List 2016

To show you the limited nature of free VPN apps we have put together the best Android VPN apps out there and plotted their individual limitations to illustrate our point:

Free Android VPN App How Free Is It?
PureVPN 500MB per Month/7 day trial
CyberGhost VPN Ads + Waiting Times
TunnelBear 500MB/Month
Spotflux 14-Days
HotSpotShield 256MB/Day
DroidVPN 100MB/Day
LogMeIn 14-Days
ZenMate 500MB/Month

Benefits Of Premium VPNs

A premium VPN for Android not only has unlimited bandwidth but offers exclusive features including:

  • More servers around the world to connect to
  • Higher grade data protection and Identity protection compared to free apps
  • VoIP security for voice communication like Skype and Viber
  • Web protection features like Firewall and DDoS attack protection
  • Compatibility with various devices and operating systems
  • Access on multiple devices with a single account

Make sure to head on over to our coverage on the Best premium Android VPN services if you’re looking for something more long-term.

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10 thoughts on “Best Free Android VPN Apps in 2016

  1. Hi I am looking for a VPN or something that will change my IP from Spanish to the UK, that will work with a Android tv stick. any ideas. Thanks in Advance.

  2. I was using hotspot shield in my country pakistan but its not working please some other vpn for android which works best in pakistan

    • Dear Hamza, you can use of the free VPNs listed above, or if you care for faster VPN speeds and security, then go for PureVPN or PrivateInternetAccess

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