Get the Best France VPN of 2014 for Complete Internet Freedom, Anonymity and Privacy

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A France VPN provides its users with a native French IP address that allows them to surf the internet without restrictions, even if they are thousands of miles away in a country like Malaysia. So if you need to access blocked web content in France or anywhere in the world, get a VPN service right away.

Here is the list of top 5 France VPN providers:

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Now let us find out some of the key benefits of a France VPN. We will also run a brief review of the top three VPN services:

The Benefits of a France VPN

The most obvious advantage of a VPN is the access to blocked websites and applications via a proxy IP. Stated simply, a VPN account is your all-access passport to for the World Wide Web. Let us study the purposes, features, and benefits of VPN in detail.

Accessibility – As already stated, France VPN gets you a French IP address to unblock websites from all over the world. It will allow you to freely surf and explore France-only websites like,, and

Moreover, French online banking websites require you to log in via a France IP address to process transactions and perform other important actions. A France VPN is needed will get you access to such blocked sites.

Safety – A France VPN works to protect the data of the user by building a secure virtual tunnel from the client end till the server end. This virtual tunnel is used to transfer all the data of the VPN user for the entire internet surfing session.

This virtual data tunnel makes use of data tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP – SSTP, and OpenVPN. These help prevent hackers and data snoopers from easily accessing the data of VPN users.

Security –The data tunnels of a France VPN make use of several encryption techniques so that your data remains in an indecipherable form until it reaches its destination. Data routing via a France VPN server is completely unreadable by anyone, not even your ISP!

Privacy – While a French IP can be considered as the prime reason why French internet users will purchase a VPN, there are other IPs available as well that can be used for the purpose of ensuring privacy.

A VPN provider is likely to offer you server in other countries besides France. These include US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia Germany, and more.

IP addresses from these servers can be used by a VPN user to access other geo-restricted websites in full anonymity and privacy.

Top 3 VPN Providers


The best bet for France IP VPN is IPVanish. It has an extensive VPN network comprising 130 servers in 47 countries. Next, it has custom software for all devices and operating systems including PC, Mac, smart phone, and Android, Windows and iOS systems. You can also configure IPVanish on Linux OS and DD-WRT routers.

IPVanish has military grade encryption systems in place. It allows you to adjust your security through tested protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.



StrongVPN qualifies as a France IP VPN thanks to the network of 500+ VPN servers that is spread out in over 22 countries across the world – including France.

With competitive prices, StrongVPN helps Netizens get hold of a France IP through a sophisitcated custom software that comes with extensive protocol support. Available in Lite, Special and Deluxe packages, StrongVPN comes covered with a 7 day money back guaratee and compatibility for all mainstream devices and operating systems.



Given the fact that we have become increasingly dependent on the internet, it is imperative to maintain connection to our favorite websites no matter where we go. This is the reason why people travelling from France to other countries must include a France VPN in their must-haves.

We hope that this list of top 10 France VPN providers will help you make an informed decision. Make the choice of VPN that best suits your needs related to connection, server availability and speed.

The decision is now up to the buyers of VPN and what VPN qualities they prefer over others. Bonne Chance!


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