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An assortment of factors contribute their bit towards deciding a beftting VPN service provider that could really fulfill your specific cause and these include;

  • Speed consideration
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Support for OS and computing devices
  • Protocol support
  • Cost factor
  • Payment modes
  • Support for static or dynamic IP address and so on.

Not surprisingly, all these factors are highly important and worthy to be taken into account before zeroing-in on a preferred server and we have even discussed most of them convincingly through out blog.

To continue this informative trend, let us know some more about importance of opting dynamic address towards the selection of VPN.

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What is IP address?

Each computer in a computer network that communicates with other computers through the internet protocol is assigned a numnerical label just to differentiate it with the other computers over the network.

This specific number is called as its IP address and serves two specific purposes namely, location addressing and network interface identification.

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Difference between Static &Dynamic IP addresses:

There may be possibly two types of IP addresses, static and dynamic.

  • A Static IP address remains the same each time you boot your computer and connect to the internet, once assigned by your ISP or network administrator.
  • On the other hand  Dynamic IP address is the one that may change every time you boot the computer and start accessing internet, the IP address thus can be assigned either via a computer interface or through a host application itself. It can also be assigned by a server with the help of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

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The need for Dynamic VPN:

In cases where you run the intense desire of assuring security or do not want to indulge in manual congifuration hassles, Dynamic VPN is perhaps the best option.

Every time you access the internet, your computer is provided with a new IP address from pool of IP addresses registered with an internet service provider.

In the case of Dynamic VPN, your VPN service provider does this jon with the help of its client interface. As soon as you select a server from a particular country, a new IP address is assigned to you from that very location.

Advantage of Dynamic VPN:

There are numerous reasons for you to opt for Dynamic IP address over the static IP address while you are planning to avail the services of a VPN. To start with;

  • You can remain hidden over the internet for as long as you are using the VPN, the fact that you are allocated a new IP assign each time you access VPN sets you free from the security threats posed by hackers and third party intruders.
  • Another important benefit is that it demands least human interference, the issues regarding network configuration are settled automatically. Most of the ISPs use dynamic IP addressing mode to assign a single IP address to multiple users.
  • Families consisting of many computers or those having small business also prefer to use Dynamic IP addresses for their speficic tasks. This is made possible with the help of software that are accompanies by routers.
  • These software allow for DHCP set up and assign dynamic IP address automatically to each computer attached with the router.
  • Last but not te least, option for VPN services with dynamic IP address are also cost-effective as compared to the other ,ode of IP addressing.

Best Dynamic IP VPN Provider:

Amidst a tight competition among the VPN services providers, you are definitely the ultimate beneficiary.

Almost all of them assure high end services at affordable cost. If you wish to single out some specific vendors that excel over the rest in offering dynamic IP VPN, then there are plenty of them for your ready reference.

Some of the best ones in this regard may include HideMyAss, Express VPN and and PureVPN. Though the complete list with the price are listed below;

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Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

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