Best China VPN To Bypass Restrictions in the year 2015

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**Update January 23 2015

At the brink of the new year the Chinese government began an intensive crackdown on VPN providers allowing users access to banned social networks and Google services. reported that Astrill VPN (one of the most VPN services in China) had most of its servers blocked by 31st December 2014 , while the service went AWOL half way through January 2015., a Chinese VPN provider was able to find a sophisticated fix for its customers deeming this would be a long term crackdown. Since the infrastructures of VPN services is fragile and predictable it is easy to track and block the IP addresses they use.
Numerous monitoring agencies claim that the current disruption being faced by VPN customers is not a provider issue. While the Chinese Government does not punish VPN users, its tactics to disrupt VPN services and damage the infrastructures will continue.

The Best China VPN Reviews

There are countless VPN reviews out there, but not all VPN services are known to work within the Chinese internet infrastructure. You have to be careful when selecting your provider. We have reviewed some trusted services for you to trial and subscribe to

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$4.87 per month
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Although a free China VPN can be used to cater to limited needs like email and a single social media account, authentic services provide additional capabilities. When choosing a China VPN provider be to assess them on the following criteria:

  1. Global server network
  2. Unlimited server switches
  3. Bandwidth caps
  4. Logging policies
  5. Multi device & OS compatibility
  6. Access privileges in Chinese boundaries

One of the most important aspects of a China VPN provider is the accessibility of the service in the country as numerous users have complained about instability, log-in problems and slow speed issues.

**Update December 29th 2014

The world’s biggest email provider faced another blow this week when the the world’s most populated country decided to ban Gmail. Google’s Singapore-based spokesman was contacted on the matter and said, “We’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong on our end.” In an attempt to further eliminate Google’s presence in China, the so called “Great Firewall” has been blamed once again after numerous service disruptions since June.


Breaking Down the Great Firewall with China VPN

China’s great internet firewall is possibly the most complex and sophisticated censorship framework in practice today. Over the years we have seen bans on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Four Square and many other web services.

vpn RT @iErique: China blocked almost all the social networks. — Wily (@WillionaireF) December 29, 2014

The only way to get through this giant digital firewall of censorship and surveillance is to use a VPN. This will give you access to social networks and geo-restricted websites – without having to fear the government or covert spy agencies. The ideal way to bypass the Great firewall is through China VPN services. While the Chinese government deems the use of VPN as illegal there is no punishment whatsoever for using a VPN service in China.

Image: The Top 10 countries where social networks are accessed through VPN servers. Source: 

Amongst the top 10 countries where people use Chinese VPN services to access social networks and email, China leads with the number of users with over 93 million users. While many monitoring agencies have also reported that traffic to Google mirrors have increased after the ban on all Google services on May 30th this year.

Why Choose a VPN in China?

Unblocking access to social media is not the only reason to use a China VPN provider. A 2010 survey by the BBC revealed that only 44% Chinese users believe that their internet is a safe place to express their opinions.

Image: Freedom House Net Freedom Ranking 2014 – from most liberal to most restricted internet ranked by country Source:

Freedom House ranked 65 countries this year testing them from 0 to 100, where 0 is most liberal and 100 is most pervasive censorship. China ranked 63rd the list of 65 countries, making it s the 3rd worst internet in the list of regions by censorship, following Iran and Syria.


In a region with highly pervasive internet monitoring and restrictions on public opinion using a VPN is possibly the primary way of securing yourself online.

A China VPN service will ensure you can interact on social networks, browse video streaming sites, download torrents and make unrestricted VoIP calls with complete privacy without having a government monitoring team breathing down your neck.

Considering the increasing cybercrime and the blatant government surveillance/domination of the internet these days, there are no downsides to using a VPN. Sign-up for any one of the VPN providers short-listed above to unlock the full potential of the internet today!

Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

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  • Rod

    No way banana and happy vpn are in the top ten. Just no way. Have you ever seen their sites?


      sadly there sites look like you describe :) .. but people are still buying them in china !! We will update it in 2-3 days .. lets see where they end-up then.


      Banana and Happy Removed :)

  • Rod

    ….an witopia is blocked. How can it rank number one?


      Yes… it is blocked.. but amazingly we came across people still having access to witopia in China. We will update the list in maximum two days.. it will be changed based on the online status.

  • Bill Dan

    I understand that Witopia (which I have and know the open VPN is DEAD and that the T2TP and IPSEC stuff, while working, is really slow), 12vpn and Fedur are all dead for the most part, At least their SSL services are. Maybe this post meant the Top 10 before the attack on their services began.

    What would be the issues with Banana and Happy? I need to know as I have them bookmarked. It is price or service? Most VPNs seem like they are really anti-P2P. Witopia was too but they did not terminate accounts over it, or they did not mine anyway. If you cannot use the VPN to download from P2P or BT sites you’re paying bukku bucks to just check Twitter I guess.


      Well you are right Bill. This ranking was before the actual VPN blocking occured in China. But amazingly we came across some customers still having access to Witopia in China. But we are surely in updating the list in a day or two.

      About Banana And Happy, i would say .. we have visitors having issue with their website a lot. they say it looks unprofessional and a lot more. But there are customers who seem satisfied with them.

      About P2P, yes there are many VPN providers having issue with P2P it is mainly because of the country they are operating in (which actually doesnot legally allow P2P. Plus there are many instances when actual software houses n i mean big software houses complain about particular VPN customers who download copyright stuff from torrent or any other site and they are unfortunately caught. This has mainly led to many VPN providers blocking P2P but they are still many and good VPN providers on our site allowing P2P.

  • Bill Dan

    On the Banana site I did find this load of crap:

    We perform detailed fraud checks on some orders and may request a copy of your ID/credit card to confirm your order.

    Copy of ID and/or Credit Card!


      Oops.. ! unfortunately we have some vpn services wanting too much of confirmation and information from customers. that is why they end up loosing many customers.

  • Brian

    Mr. Expert,

    Are you going to have a follow up post or article about this anytime soon? :)


      lol .. Mr. Brian we have updated the existing post, if you could have seen it :D.

      Anything else .. !! :)

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  • Anton Abroad

    IAPS = Number 2 For China?

    These guys customer service is terrible! They cancelled my order because they didn’t want to sell a 20 Server Package to someone IN CHINA! They did this without consultation or explanation and when I replied to the cancellation email to query their decision they replied with “Awfully quick to jump the gun aren’t we?” – Is THAT how a Customer Service rep should be communicating with people?

    Spend you money elsewhere people! Somewhere that they actually value and respect their customers.

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  • Ximena

    My advise is to never buy ExpressVPN, it´s really slow, expensive and really complicated to be cancelled

  • ttsaon

    astrill and strong vpn block in china, and very slow in some city

  • Marie

    The best vpn service for me is express vpn they have a reliable customer support,gives service for mobile and speed is impressive. Not to mention they have a 30 day money back guarantee.:)

  • Tim Q

    Downloaded Overplay in China. Zero instructions as to how to make it work. ‘Video instructions’ won’t play. 48 hour trial period impossible to refuse as I can’t reconnect to their website. Un-usable.

  • Ernesto

    how can i access FB from my iphone in China?


      Try any of the VPN listed above Ernesto. You will be able to access FB from your iPhone in China.

  • Bill

    I use a VPN in China but my connection is slow. Videos take forever to load. I’m stuck with my internet speed because of work. I connect using a Hong Kong site because I heard the connection speeds are better when you connect closer to your country. Could certain VPN’s speed up my connection? If so could you list the fastest VPN’s to use in China. (Could you also put a date next to your blog posts. It’ll make it easier to know when the article was written)


      Hello bill,

      The list you see above is updated regularly and we have update the list just today for your convenience.

      Bill, for the fastest VPN in China, I will recommend you IAPS VPN. It is the fastest and would work great for your from China with out any problem, provided you use their SSTP VPN.

      Buy their SSTP VPN to Hongkong or Taiwan and I am sure you will get very good speeds.

      You can also go with Strong VPN, which will also be faster in China than others.


  • Bill

    1. I use a Mac and have read that SSTP only works with Windows. IAPS has SSTP but no OpenVPN. Sounds like I need either SSTP or OpenVPN to make sure the VPN isn’t blocked in China. So is it true that SSTP won’t work on a MAC?

    2. And when it says on the top 10 list that StrongVPN is RB (Blocked in some areas) does that mean that if I buy it, it’s likely to be blocked/useless at some point? Just wondering why I would want a VPN that has been blocked in China.



      Hello Bill,

      Thanks for reading our post. Your answers are as follows,

      1- Yes, SSTP does not work with Mac as it is a Windows based SSL Protocol. However, OpenVPN performs equally well and it is a good substitute for Mac Users. IAPS does not offer OpenVPN. But StrongVPN, Hidemyass and VyprVPN offers OpenVPN. You can go with any one of them. They are all good.

      2- Bill, reported blocked in some areas means you might experience instability in some areas. However that is the case with all the providers, but as you will use OpenVPN, hopefully you will not face this issue. If the status is RB. It does not mean you should n’t buy that VPN Service. You can go with it. The website might be blocked in Some areas, but the VPN service itself will work. You also have money back guarantee to protect yourself, if the service is blocked :)

      Hope that answers your question.


  • eddie

    Noted that you recommended IAPS VPN for the fastest VPN in China, that is referring to their SSTP VPN, right? How about on Android device where SSTP is not supported, which VPN is best in China?


      Yep, you are correct IAPS is fasted in case of SSTP.

      Honestly, its pretty difficult to get your android working on VPN, when you are limited to PPTP or L2TP. PPTP and L2TP are not stable in China. However, in case of android you can also go with IAPS and get their PPTP or L2TP, it works fine as well. Equally good will be StrongVPN and Hidemyass.

      Hope that answers.


  • EverArale

    Hi, can you try to organize a VPN giveaway, I’m sure that will make your blog more attractive to visitors ^_^


      Hey EverArale,

      We have various Free VPN Giveaways going on regularly for our visitors. Wait for the next one. It will be up on Monday :)

      • EverArale

        Great! I’m now too impatient to wait.
        Please inform me as soon as it’s ready.

  • Guigz


    I just arrived in China and I’m looking for a vpn.
    I just checked your comments and apparently with a Mac I can’t have access to SSTP.
    I was thinking going for HMA but they seem only support Tiger/Leopard/ Snow Leopard… (and I have Lion)
    Do you know any vpn providers working on Lion ?

    Thanks !


  • Shibin

    I have been using pure vpn for 3 month in China it works perfect for me thanks for your service I am realy satisfied ….

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  • MV

    overplay was blocked in some area in China.

    Chinese firewall test results for
    Detailed Response
    LocationLookup Result Status
    Beijing X
    Shenzen X
    Inner Mongolia X
    Heilongjiang Province X
    Yunnan Province X

    tested in :

  • bernte

    hi! is there any vpn service that can be downloaded from china (preferably with a free trial)? it seems as if none of the sites listed above can be accessed from china. i used hotspot shield until about a week ago, but can’t connect anymore since then.


      Hey bernte,

      You must be under heavily censored ISP. Because we have seen two three VPNs blocked in China on different ISPs, but you reported all of them are blocked.

      Anyways, in order to get free VPN service or a trail VPN service from China, i would request you to check our Free VPN services article and try any of those services to get access to VPN websites.

      However, let me tell you that being on a VPN won’t help you place the order successfully. So you should first contact the VPN Service you are ordering on, that you will be ordering through VPN so that they accept your order through VPN. Only that can help you place the order successfully.


  • Michael

    Witopia works great for me. Their customer service is fantastic with 24/7 chat and phone support.

    The VPN works on Mac/iPhone/PC. Give it a shot.

  • ctrl-z

    I’ve been using Witopia for a year. Despite China getting uppity with the DNS I’ve still managed to get some service and it’s reliable, that’s for sure.

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  • Peter

    Does anyone have any info on BlackVPN in China?


      Hello Peter,

      Thank you for posting your question.

      Peter, BlackVPN works in China and we have never received any sort of report against their services.

      However, their website is not accessible in different part of China which includes Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province.

      In the light of the same, we will not recommend you to go with BlackVPN as it might be possible that their VPN connection may also be blocked in China.

      Hope that will help you.

      Thanks :)

      • Peter

        Thanks for the reply regarding BlackVPN. I used BlackVPN in Putian, Fujian Province for a year with no problems. I returned to the UK in July and am going back to Putian next week. I’m happy going with BlackVPN providing there are no reports of it no longer working. Hmmmm. What to do?


          Hello Peter,

          You are most welcome :) and it’s good to know that you have experienced some good time in using BlackVPN Service.

          Peter, we have not received any reports which states that BlackVPN is not working in China. So, going with it is safe and sound for us :)

          Further, if you are pondering to change the service then you can opt among the one’s listed above.

          Hope this will help you and have a nice trip to Putian :)

          Thank you for visiting Best VPN Service :)

  • Myan

    hi i want to ask if strongvpn’s service is working in Shanghai and do they offer Openvpn for mac, can i also use it for iphone, ipad, and how many devices can i use? i understand that this website was blocked in some areas, but is it mean that their website was blocked or their services also blocked? can i buy it from other country and use it in Shanghai?
    and if the answer is no, then how is expressvpn? i saw 2 comments that was opposited, so anyone please can report it? do they have openvpn?
    thank you


      Hello Myan,

      Thank you for posting your question.

      StrongVPN is working in Shanghai(China) and they are enabling users to access all the blocked websites with absolute stability and features.

      You can use StrongVPN on the all the OS/Devices which you mentioned above. For more details you can check on their profile as well:

      Myan, you can purchase the VPN from any part of the world and as StrongVPN website is blocked in some part of China you can use the alternate URL which is instead of

      Hope this will help you.

      Thanks :)

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  • Shawn

    I’m in Shanghai using StrongVPN, it’s pretty slow most of the time except for almost everyday starting at 3:00am, it suddenly is way faster.
    Is this a “too many users” issue? or it just hasn’t fully recovered from the chinese government block?



      Hello Shawn,

      Thank you for posting your question.

      It might be due to several reasons like down time in server speed / connection. But, mainly this issues are being highlighted due to latency problem as the hosted VPN Server is other than China which allow users to access the web from a blocked location. Sometimes, it may result in slow speed.

      But i must say that if you are facing this issues regularly then you should report to StrongVPN support team because this issues needs to be sorted out if it is on consistent basis.

      However, there is no doubt that StrongVPN is among the most reliable VPN Service Provider and it absolutely bypass through strict internet censorship in China.

      I will recommend you to contact

      Hope this will help you.

      Thanks :)

  • Li

    I use GOVPNGO, but since Feb, they are having difficulty…first its the China Great Firewall, and now they said its the failure on several of their major HDDs, which they said should be fixed but my VPN still dont work over a weeks now. I ask them for refund and during the time of waiting, I need a stable VPN to work. There is so many kinds, can anyone kindly recommend the best in shenzhen area please? thank you so much :)

  • Eric

    I have been traveling to China regularly (Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong) for business from the US and I use an OpenVPN based solution from ClearVPN. clear vpn. Even after all of the blocking it still works flawlessly and I have yet to see any issues.

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  • William

    What do you think about Hide My Ass?is it good in China?


      Hello William,

      Thank you for posting your question.

      Hidemyass VPN is one of the best VPN service in the Industry. It provides excellent service record around the world. But we have received several feedbacks that Hidemyass service is blocked in different parts of China.

      So I recommend you PureVPN. It provides stable service and absolute connectivity in all over China

      Hope this will help you.


  • Alex

    How is Astrill recommended / not recommended for China-usage these days? I know it used to be on the Top List.. but not anymore? I am currently residing in Norway, moving to China for a week – where I will be having my first month in Beijing, then to move to one of the provinces in Southern China. English teacher-style, computer and phone, facebook, youtube etc.


      Hello Alex,

      Our rankings based on customer views and feedback. So according to that VPN Provider rankings updated on regular basis.

      I recommend PureVPN from China. It provides better stable service and absolute connectivity as compare to others in mainland China.

      Hope this will help you.


  • Tony Luce

    Strongly recommend checking out VPNinja – the staff are based out of Shanghai, so they know when something is going on with the GFW – and they are much cheaper than competitive services (like Astrill). $58 USD a year for two simultaneous connections – supported on all major OS’s, mobile platforms, and even DDWRT routers.

  • pyro

    Alex , im in China and use 12 VPN and never had a problem

  • **** ******

    Astrill is working flawlessly for me, especially open web if you enable some of the streaming settings in the astrill application. I can load 720p/1080p videos on youtube with little to no buffering, the customer support even though it is infamous to be bad was rather helpful in my case after you explain to them in a none vague way.