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After the announcement that Australia would start censoring 500 or more websites from July, 2011, many will try to find out a way to bypass this censorship to try surf and use the internet in the same way they used to, before the censorship was started by Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA). best vpn australia Moreover, people generally want to use Best VPN Australia to get access to Hulu, iPlayer, 4oD, Netflix and several other streaming services and websites that are geographically restricted to US, UK or to other parts of the world. First, there are lot of ways to bypass censorship in Australia like Proxy, Tor, Google DNS and VPN. We will evaluate all of them here. Proxy can not be trusted as you are actually transmitting your data through some unreliable web based service,  plus proxy can not be used for streaming Videos on Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer or any other streaming site. Tor is still unreliable in security and privacy as claimed by its own official, moreover it also fails on Streaming websites. Google DNS would be useless once Australia would block the IP addresses of the blacklisted websites. The only thing that remains is VPN, not that we are a VPN review site and we want to recommend VPN only, you can obviously go with proxy, if you are OK with transferring passwords and other sensitive information through some other not so trusted website, you can also use Tor, if you again want to risk your internet security. Google DNS would have been sweet, but eventually IP addresses of the websites will be blocked. Plus Google DNS can not be used to change your IP, rather it only gives you access to what is blocked locally on ISP. You can’t go for Hulu or Internation streaming with Google DNS.

Best VPN Australia

Hence, if you want to surf the internet like the rest of the world surfs, and avoid any local firewalls, you need a Best VPN Australia solution. So here you go with the Top 5 Best VPN Australia, who want to free their internet from any censorship and want to access all geo-restricted websites from Australia,

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 Moreover if you need a VPN that can you Australian IP, for the reason that you want to access any service, game, TV show, online TV Channel that is restricted to Australian IPs or Australian citizens only, then you refer to the list below of Best Australian IP VPN, [RANKING_TABLE_2] These VPN Providers are ranked in this TOP 5 List because of the number of servers they provide in different countries, quality of customer support, VPN features, protocols offered, experience in the market and consumer reviews.


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