The Best VPN for Android In 2016

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The phenomenal rise of malware and monitoring threats in 2015 requires mobile users to be proactive. The average Android mobile user has to exercise being cautious while shopping, banking and conducting business online on an Android device. The problem is not only with banking but also for users who share critical information with apps and WebPages. Today, most VPN services offered on the Android interface will offer limited features and in some cases trial versions. Being a long time Android user I have come across several but been satisfied by very few VPN for Android. While some services will be limited by time others offer limited data usage.

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Android Security And You

Android has taken leaps to become the top operating system used in mobile phones and tablets. But the need for constant security upgrades, UI tweaks and developer features is always a looming threat for Android smartphone users. The Google Play store does offer a wide range of security apps targeted to protect Android devices and users’ privacy. Since Android is an open source OS (on most devices anyway) the threat of infiltration and snooping must not be underestimated.

android security threats

Android leads the pack when it comes to widespread security threats. Source: Symantec

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All in One Solution: VPN for Android

Those connected on public or 3G mobile networks and are always on the go look for the best android VPN services to cater their online activity. The growing threat of Government snooping, even more so apparent with the large number of security threats during the year, adds to mobile usage insecurity.

android application packages graph


Since 2011, Android OS devices have experienced increasing trends in online threats. The graph above illustrates how most of these threats are from malware that can steal personal data and targets personal data such as your login credentials for your email, banking and shopping accounts.

best android vpn 2015

The Dailymail reported a study from Kaspersky Labs that there were some 10 million malware apps on the Google Play store due to its open source policy. The number of malware threats on the Android OS has also gone up and the only word for it is ‘drastically’. A VPN or Virtual Private network in a tool used to secure users over the internet by hiding their online activity, data and browsing habits.

How Does a VPN help Android Users?

The major functions of best android VPN services are to protect user identities by masking their IP address, encrypt data transfer to ensure snoopers cannot steal sensitive information and, unlock regional restricted and blocked web services.

Not a bad start: able to access my music library from anywhere using VPN + @tomahawk for Android, @b33ts on my server — Hugo Millwood (@hugomillwood) June 12, 2014

When your Android device’s IP is hidden from literally everyone, the threat of being on government, ISP or hacker radars is minimum. Encryption ensures even if your information is stolen snoops cannot decipher the text in the encoded data. Android being an open source OS is highly vulnerable to anyone snooping around the WiFi network. Similarly, websites like YouTube are restricted in some regions and services like Spotify are available in very few. The best Android VPN 2016 unlocks all blocked websites and services ensuring full feature access from anywhere in the world.


So those of you who get the point that Edward Snowden made and, believe in NSA/government snooping, ISP tracking and hacker infiltration go to the Play Store now and try out some VPN for Android. Trial a few and choose for yourself that best serves your needs. Remember never compromise online privacy, the Orwellian age is upon us and the best Android VPN is the way out.

Ameer Abbas

Ameer Abbas is a writer with a keen interest in information technology and presents a critical point of view in his writing. Ameer takes interest in outdoor sports, geo-political affairs and finance. Apart from being an athlete and swimmer he also enjoys online gaming.

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  1. For whatever reason my personal internet browser doesn?t display this site correctly? Anyhow, it had been a very interesting article, keep up the great work and I will be back again for more

  2. I am purevpn service for almost a year now and have found no problems whatsoever. However, there are a multiple suggestions for PureVPN. 1. Ability to chose from servers while ordering. 2. Provide options to customize the package. 3. Improve your account information email format.

  3. hi
    thank u for you r website to use easy
    i have probleme with vpn in andriod version 4
    do u solve the problem and if you have new version just send us to my email the link
    thank you

  4. Another solution is to simply download F-Droid the repository library of only free-libre licenced apks and install Orbot,Orwell from the Guardian project.this will permit anyone to surf anonymously using Tour onion routing,bypassing censorship & Internet providers snooping.
    Tor & VPN together is even better.

  5. How much did you get paid by PureVPN to put them on top. I tried it for a week and it’s absolutely the worst VPN service ever. I have been using a few since 2011. Those low-price commons for a product that doesn’t work, complicated options to connect and slow speed, frequent disconnects. After a week of uninstall, reinstall, troubleshooting the reasons for not disconnects, and in some cases, doesn’t work (they have China IP, but can’t access music). PureVPN supports goes something this – try this and get back to us, oh, that doesn’t work, try this and let us know. If i want to sign up for your beta testing program, you should pay me to do all the work. My set up very simple, Windows 10 over a router (tried OpenVPN, old clients confusing and sometimes corrupts the TAP, new client needs manual changing between UDP or TCP and other mode; or else it won’t connect), Nexus 7 (app works okay, but won’t automatically reconnect in spite option being checked), Galaxy 5S phone (L2PT seems to work okay).

    After 5 days of trying it with different protocol, I gave up and asked for refund. PureVPN informed me I was over 500 MB and NOT qualify for any refund – this is after PureVPN makes you go over their surveys, tech support, billing department – you get the idea. Use a good credit card if you decide to try PureVPN. I would stay far far away from it.

    I speak from personal experience. Please #1? Far from it, I would report them to BBB if the business is in USA.


    • Hey Bei, sorry to hear about your experiences. We ranked Pure as #1 due to the number of countries, simultaneous connections, torrent support and pricing. Our top 5 have something for everyone and I am sure you can find the right provider for you with a little research into our reviews for the top 5. I’d recommend ExpressVPN or IPVanish as PureVPN does require a bit of technical know-how and fiddling to work but makes up for it by being cheaper.

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