Best Free VPN For Android Apps in 2015

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Folks, I’ve been keeping a bit busy for the good of our readers. I have extensively researched and compiled a big list of Free Android VPN applications that are available in the Android Marketplace. I thought I should share the list with all my readers.

These Best Free VPN for Android apps are now well refined and have received a quite a few updates since their release. Most of the apps offer 1-click VPN Settings, password management and configuration management settings, but there are few which have whole-sole customized software to bring the great VPN experience.

Now without further ado, here is a list of best free and limited trial android VPN apps. Some of them are moderately restricted by bandwidth, others might ask for subscription at the end of free trial period. What else do you need to have from a free android app? Have a look.

Best Free VPN Android Providers

App Store Rating How Free is it?
SurfEasy VPN 4.4 500MB/Month
ExpressVPN 4.2 1 Day  Unlimited
PureVPN 3.9 700MB/Month
LogMeIn 4.0 14-Days
CyberGhost VPN 4.2 Unlimited!
TunnelBear 4.3 500MB/Month
Spotflux 4.1 14-Days
TigerVPNS 4.2 500MB/Month
VPN-PPTP 3.7 1 Day
DroidVPN 3.9 100MB/Day


Qualities Of Top Rated Free Android VPN Apps

The growing popularity of Android operating system based smart phones and tablet PC’s has given rise to the need for having a VPN service to protect oneself from data thieves and cyber hackers. However, not all providers have them for free. Some seemingly free android VPN apps might infest your mobile with intrusive advertising. Others may simply fail to launch. Yet some may have severely high downloading or server restrictions.

The rating for an android VPN app therefore factors in all such factors as bandwidth limit, android store rating, user reviews and of course our own tests.
We are therefore giving reviews for five of our favorite free android VPNs.


The best part of PureVPN android app is that it gives a steady, uninterrupted and life-time service with a mighty 500MB/month limit. Over the top of app’s features is accessibility from three of the world’s favorite internet locations: USA, Sweden and Netherlands.

best free vpn for android



ExpressVPN is particularly appealing to us because it sports all of regular VPN features into its android app, which is pretty much challenging. Other VPN providers simply pack the fundamentals to keep app’s space low.



I bet, even its 1 day free trial is enough to make it a love affair for your Android.

SurfEasy VPN

If you have android 4.0.3 or up, then SurfEasy VPN should suffice for almost all of online security and privacy needs.

surfeasy android


The app gives a mighty 500 MB bandwidth for free and lets you easily surf the restricted web through its proxy servers located around the world.

CyberGhost 5 VPN

CyberGhost is too enormous to have its name in the free android VPNs list. But to our surprise, it was there. And with an incredible no-cap bandwidth feature in its app.



It gives you an unlimited bandwidth experience from its 23 free servers located in 15 countries. However, it feels like a higher load often disrupts the service for some users.


With over half a million download, TigerVPNS app is really worth a take. It features a simple yet elegant user interface and sports all essentials of a quality VPN service. Here is the first look.



Closing Notes

In case you would like to you use a default Android VPN Client and need a solid VPN service, refer to our list of Top 10 Android VPN Services that can be used to get one solid and stable VPN service to get your android phones secure and private.

Hope this helps you out. Throw in any questions you have in the comments. I will answer them as soon as possible.


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Faisal is a professional blogger at BestVPNService. A close observer of the digital world, Faisal critically monitors and reviews service providers of IT industry, particularly VPNs.

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  • mohammadi7214

    Download vpn free

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  • Darryle

    Hi I am looking for a VPN or something that will change my IP from Spanish to the UK, that will work with a Android tv stick. any ideas. Thanks in Advance.


      Hello Darryle,

      Thank you very much for dropping by and considering our worth taking advise.

      Darryle, there are numerous VPN providers that will help you out to mask your Spanish IP address with UK IP address. Kindly check out below listed VPN providers for the same purpose:

      Private Internet Access
      Strong VPN
      Express VPN

      Hope the above helps. Feel free to ask in case of further query.

      Best Regards,
      BVS Support Team!

  • hamza

    I was using hotspot shield in my country pakistan but its not working please some other vpn for android which works best in pakistan

    • Faisal Arshad

      Dear Hamza, you can use of the free VPNs listed above, or if you care for faster VPN speeds and security, then go for PureVPN or PrivateInternetAccess

  • John

    Have you guys tried Smart Shield VPN? So far seems to be free and have unlimited bandwidth + no max connection time.


      Hey John. We’ll check it out and add it to the list. Thanks for the heads-up!