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The increasing cases of breach of privacy on the internet has fueled the need for concrete measure to safeguard the interest of millions of online users.

Though it is not that earlier the stiff measures were not being taken, it is just that unfortunately, hackers are quite capable to decode those tricks to get an unrestricted access to the supposedly confidential data.

However, the encryption levels technique has worked efficiently in protecting the digital data in the recent times and the technology is expected to receive even swifter modifications in the better future.

Effective Encryption Tools:

From the usual 128-bit encryption  to an exceptional 2048-bit encryption and more, users keep on utilizing its facility through various tools to maintain secrecy level of their private data intact. Let us discuss about 5 best encryption tools available online in this context.

1- Encodor:best encryption

It is among the most widely used best encryption application that supports around 400 characters for message  space and at the most 30 characters for the password, which makes it a highly encrypted online tool.

You don’t need  to sign up to use its encryption facility and moreover, there is no restriction on its usage either. However, it furnishes no information about the method of encryption being utilized for the process.

2- Info Encrypt:

This is yet another best encryption online tool as far as encryption is concerned that allows to enter much more than 400 characters for message and 30 characters for password.

For encrypting a message, you need to click the encrypt button and similarly, to decrypt a message, you need to press decrypt button. As a higher safety measure, Info Encrypt asks you to enter the password twice.

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3- File Encryptor:

Message encryption tools are not as hard to find online as it is to search a file encrypting tool. Sensing the need of users to encrypt data in bulk, the sister concern of Info Encrypt, File Encrypt provides viable solution to such a problem.

The tool’s interface is simple and easy to understand where you just need to provide the address of the file that you want to encrypt or decrypt. It allows you to encrypt a file with maximum capacity of 10 MB, which is indeed a large size.

These files are not stored anywhere online so you would have to download and share them through other ways.   You can secure your file in this tool with a password of your own choice, the more characters it contains, the better encryption it assures.

4- Disk Utility:

This is comparably more sophisticated best encryption tool that comes handy in the creation of secure disk image and files with noteworthy AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption standards, respectively.

It is a free tool and can be exclusively used on Mac systems. The application allows you to perform almost any type of task that involves disk usage and is a thinkable option to secure your digital data.

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5- GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG):

This is probably one of the best volume and individual file encryption tools available online and scores higher than the rest of other tools discussed so far.

It is the open-source implementation of PGP i.e., Pretty Good Privacy and supports numerous expiring signatures, paired keys, and encryption schemes. Alongside the local file encryption, its public key servers are also of utmost significance due to their voluminous encryption standards.

However, it is important to note that GnuPG is a command line tool and is compatible with all the known operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Don’t worry about the price you need to pay for this tool, it is free of cost   as is the case with rest of the other tools mentioned here.

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