5 Reasons – Why Use a VPN

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You must be hearing a lot about VPN these days. We have witnessed and seen the demand of VPN rising. Moreover, Google trends also show the rise in the search trend of VPN and VPN related keywords.

Question is, Why Use VPN? This is mainly due to increased internet censorship and extensive visitor tracking worldwide. Internet censorship in countries like China, Iran and UAE has expanded to the extent that many world’s top websites and services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Skype etc. have been completely blocked. These services and websites in internet censored countries cannot be accessed until or unless you are on Proxy or VPN.

Moreover, worldwide visitor behavior tracking has also compelled users to use VPN. Let’s list down the 5 most important reasons due to which VPN cannot be avoided and Why Use VPN?

1)      Why Use VPN – Security; Secure Information TransferWhy Use a VPN

VPN in my view is the best technological invention in recent times as it completely secures your data through military grade encryption. Whatever, information you are transferring through your unsecured internet connection is at high risk. Risks include, risks of information hacks, risk of monetary fraud, risk of identity theft and risk of confidential document leak.

Unsecured internet connection transfer data through unsecured channel, which can easily behacked by a 5th grader. Obviously, you will not like to risk your credit card information while you are making an online purchase or transferring extremely confidential document on internet. VPN comes to rescue on this and it provides users with required encryption to secure everything that flows on your internet internet connection.

Why Use a VPN
2)      Why Use VPN – Bypass Internet CensorshipWhy Use VPN

As explained above, people in countries like China, Iran and UAE are frustrated with local internet censorship and content filters. These filters can easily be bypassed if you are on a simple VPN connection that offers gateways outside the censored countries like in USA, UK or anywhere in the world except the censored country.


After you connect to your VPN, it will replace your local original IP with your new IP that will be either USA or UK based. This will help you in fooling the local internet firewalls, which will not treat you as a user of a censored country, and will let you pass through it without any censorship.

3)      Access Geo-Restricted Websites

This is another great feature which VPN offers at a very low cost. If you are US, UK or European Citizen, you are most likely to be an addict of services like Netflix, Hulu, Zaatto, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Turntable, 4oD, SkySports, Apple TV etc. which can only be accessed if you are in their streaming rights countries, which are in most cases USA, UK or a country in Europe. A VPN connection can easily replace your IP with an IP from one of the streaming countries of these services, which will not help you to stream Hulu, Netflix and other services for free but will also help you stream them in high quality saving your thousands of dollars on DVDs of your favorite shows.


4)      Secure Public WiFi/HotSpot Connection

This is one the most underestimated and underreported use of VPN but at the same time it is, at least in my opinion, one of the most important and unique feature of VPN. We have a very nice habit of connecting our iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, Smart Phones and Laptops with public Wi-Fi that are available everywhere we go, like in Public Cafes, Libraries, Book Stores, Malls, Schools and Busy Shopping Streets without making sure or giving it a thought that, will it be secure or not? Let me tell you, it won’t be secure at all. I have been saying this for a long time and I will say it again, using Public Wi-Fi is like you are walking naked on Times Square, but you don’t want anyone to see you naked.

Information transfer on public Wi-Fi is as unsecure as you are voluntarily asking hackers and thieves to hack your information. Even a kid can now hack a public Wi-Fi with an add-on like Firesheep. But if you are on VPN, your public Wi-Fi connection will be extremely secure. VPN forms tunnel around your connection that cannot be intercepted by  any hacker, in other words, VPN dresses you up, so that no one can see you naked on Times Square.

5)      Anonymity

VPN also provides users with anonymity. Anonymity in the sense, that nobody would be able to track you or your exact location if you are connected to VPN. Yep, I know, hackers can use it to make themselves anonymous and do whatever they want to do on internet, but please be sure that good VPN Services take all the necessary measures to stop these hackers from using their networks for unethical purposes and we have seen very few such cases in past, where a VPN Service Provider is being convicted that their network has been used for abusive purposes. All best vpn services have many check installed on their networks, which almost removes any chance of network abuse.

However, anonymity is an excellent feature for privacy oriented netizens, who do not want to be tracked by their governments and hacker on their internet activity.

It’s an extremely important tool and there are several other uses of VPN. But these are the Top 5 reasons that I personally use VPN for and will also recommend you guys to try. I am sure, once you use it for any of the above reasons, you won’t be surfing the internet without VPN anymore in your life!

Have a free internet life!

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Wish you a Happy and Private Internet Life !!

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