VPN for Online Gaming – 5 Online Games To Look Out For This Year

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These are crazy times for online gaming. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, cyber-espionage or any other genre, the releases in queue for the next 12 months have something to offer for everyone. We’re going to take a look at some of these games revealed so far… Some of them are already in their beta stage, others are fast developing with their thrilling trailers taking the gaming world by storm. If you are living in geo restricted area then its time to look into VPN for Online Gaming.

Heroes of the Storm

Call it a battle arena, call it art, call it whatever. Heroes of the Storm combines heart throbbing heroism of Blizzard’s entertainment’s earlier games including the Warcraft, Starcraft and Dialbo.

In its beta since March, Heroes has become a favorite for many gaming fans who have been rough at Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter 2.

The game’s art style will get you all the thrill and thunders of the battle in a unique, mesmerizing and adventurous way. Have its first look.

Black Desert

This one is a pretty cool MMORPG with an amazing art style and mind-blowing mechanics in a sandbox world. Have a look into the closed beta trailer released recently.

Here is the official trailer for Black Desert:

The scale of the combat is nothing short of breathtaking, with hundreds of detailed characters on screen. Combine this with dynamic encounters with monsters, dungeons and NPCs as they head in field raids, siege warfare, and guild battles. Players may also be build or rent housing, form armies and craft equipment along with many other customization options.

The Division

Now that’s a real blockbuster, with loads of shooting and cover behind abandoned cars. Many gamers are already calling it a dyed-in-the-wool role play. Here is a quick look into the deadly scenarios in the game.

With its Clancy name, occult conspiracies, and the magic of paranoia, The Division is a battle story engulfing escapes from viral epidemics and fragilities of the urban life, with the entire infrastructure being turned into a chaos and crashed up rubbles.

The game presents epic graphics and cutting-edge features, with a fantastic MMO experience that goes in harmony with console gaming vernacular.


If you are one of gangsta type, this one is for you. H1Z1 sports an apocalypse, with a zombie-looking folks escaping death through a collapsed world and fight for left out resources of food, shelter and other amenities using all available weapons.

They cooperate and trade one-to-one and form their own rules for survival – towns, camps, defenses and other stuff.

Here is a thrilling trailer that shows off some aspects of the game:


Wildstar comes as a great sci-fi hit for online gamers this year. It presents a horrific roleplay at Nexus, a world rich in unseen technologies and secrets. The game comes with a heavy battle legacy, with deep story scripts and fallouts.
Here is a first look into the game. The footage is absolutely mind-blowing!

Caution About System and Connection Requirements:

All games described above involve either intensive graphics or are region restricted in some cases. Even gamers in the US and Eurozone can’t access some of these games without workarounds.

Read our earlier post to get know of how to unblock region restricted online games and make them run lag-free.


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