5 Easy Ways to reduce your Bandwidth Usage

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Internet is a widely used facility all across the world, people prefer to use it for all their business and personal benefits and the thirst is becoming even bigger with the pace of time. Amidst such a heavy use, it is likely that you may find it a bit slow at times; but unfortunately, you don’t do much but to curse your internet service provider for the sluggish speed.

Similarly on VPN, when your internet connection is already slow, extreme bandwidth usage further slows down you internet. Moreover, many VPN providers offer bandwidth limited plans for which you need to save your VPN bandwidth.

You can make significant efforts to enhance the speed on your own by reducing the bandwidth usage. Let us discuss how you can do it.

Essential tips

A part from choosing a fast vpn service provider. It is essential to follow certain steps which will  reduce your bandwidth. Below are five essential tips that could help you to reduce the bandwidth usage o your internet to a considerable extent.

bandwidth usage

Avoid downloading activities

While using the internet, the sites that you are accessing, actually get downloaded. However, you may often thing that you are merely accessing the sites and hence go on to open more of them that consequently results into extended bills.

Hence, if you care to open only the important sites without clicking on all of them that you see on the Google search results, the bandwidth usage could be minimized considerably.

Usually, the videos on You Tube and certain other streaming sites are downloaded once they are buffered completely; hence, you need not to open them repeatedly.

You can replay them as many times as youcan until you close that link. However, there are certain tips through which you can easily increase bittorrent download speed while using vpn service. That requires certain steps and the best reliable VPN vendor which helps you in doing the same.

Prevent automatic updates

While installing any of the software or antivirus applications, the options for automatic upgrade of the software is a common thing. If you act wisely and turn off those updates to configure the settings manually whenever you feel the need for the same. It could reduce your bandwidth usage over the internet to an exceptional extent

Choose Zipped option for download

During the downloading of any application or files, most of the websites provide you with the option to download the file in zipped form apart from the option to download the actual file. Selecting the mode to download zipped version is way beneficial than the other option.

Even if you require emailing different files as attachments, it would be considerable to club them all together in a zipped folder and then move ahead to mail them. Such a practice is also highly effective in your endeavors to reduce bandwidth.


Knowing the difference between KBps and Kbps

You may be reading your bandwidth statistics wrongly if you are hitherto unaware of the difference between ‘B’ and ‘b’. While B stands for Bytes, ‘b’ signifies bits. Just to enhance your knowledge, 1B=8bytes.

Therefore, there would be a substantial difference between 1,00,00,000 KBps and 1,00,00,000 Kbps. The same holds true in the case MB, GB, TB and so on. Knowledge is always the key success and knowing about the actually difference between bits and bytes could help you save expenses on your internet bills.

Switch off your modem

Whenever you are done with using the internet, make sure to switch your modem off and take out the adaptor from the socket. Transfer of a sizable amount currently running applications like email clients or messengers can be stopped through such a concerted effort.


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5 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to reduce your Bandwidth Usage

  1. Though it can be sketchy security wise, how about using a browser that redirects the internet through a compressor, like Opera and their turbo function?

    • Yep Great Idea Knox !!

      I have used Opera Turbo quiet a few times, it compresses all your images and show them in low resolution to consume less bandwidth.

      Though it is not meant to reduce your bandwidth usage, but yes it indirectly achieves the purpose.

      Thank you for your input, I am sure its an easy technique from which many would be benefited.

  2. I don’t think that disabling the auto updates is a smart idea, when the first thing we teach in security is make sure that your system is patched.

  3. “Knowing the difference between KBps and Kbps
    You may be reading your bandwidth statistics wrongly if you are hitherto unaware of the difference between ‘B’ and ‘b’. While B stands for Bytes, ‘b’ signifies bits. Just to enhance your knowledge, 1B=8bytes.”

    1B = 8 bits, not 8 bytes. Obviously a typo but some uninformed readers may accept this as correct.

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