NSA and Co.’s plan to Hijack GooglePlay Store with XKEYSCORE

Logo for the XKeyscore program

Shocked? … You Will Be In shocking revelations instigated by The Intercept, it was unveiled that the NSA along with surveillance agencies of Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand (aka the 5 Eyes) developed a strategic plan to infect Google Play apps, Samsung App Store & Android devices with surveillance spyware. In the latest series of Edward Snowden’s leaked documents, released by CBC News and The Intercept, it was identified that a joint electronic surveillance initiative known as the Network Tradecraft Advancement Team (also known as the NTAT – consisting of spies from the each of the 5 Eyes) developed […]

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New German data logging laws allow longer log retention

New German data logging laws allow longer log retention

In the aftermath of what became the Paris bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo magazine’s head office, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the first few to recommend tougher surveillance and data retention law throughout Europe. Comment from discussion Germany’s Data Retention Bill Requires Metadata to be Kept in the Country and Reduces Retainment from Six Months to Ten Weeks. After the European Court of Justice refused to legalize the European Data Directive that required retention of user data for 6 months, no progress has been made towards developing any further legislation. While the ECJ denied applying any retention laws in […]

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Best Free VPN for iPad

frr flower

Is Your iPad Safe? Before I even get to the point where I tell you benefits and why you need a VPN for iPad, let me just say “told you soApple fans”. Now that the news is official, Apple is neither the safest manufacturers of smartphones, neither tablets, nor computers and neither are their apps any safer. Now this isn’t even me it’s the US Government talking, apparently the people the entire world believes. Then there is the Zero-Day vulnerability in both iPad and iPhone devices running iOS8. Zero-Day has been designed in a way that hackers can simply crash […]

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UK Govt law quietly gives GCHQ Internet Spying Immunity

GCHQ is watching you

Privacy: a Privilege No More In one of the dodgiest moves ever, the United Kingdom government passed the Serious Crime Bill that will ensure that the GCHQ, police, intelligence agencies and others can legally hack into public and private devices. Comment from discussion UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity. After it was identified by a UK court in May 2014 that GCHQ surveillance is being illegally conducted with proper legal recourse, a month later the Serious Crime Bill was proposed. The Government was as quite as a grave as they pushed the bill as secondary legislation […]

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The Loophole In China’s New Social Credit Scoring System

A translation of China’s Social Credit System has finally become available and is making waves across the internet for being the first system in the world that will attempt to judge the people’s online moral behavior. This means that the Chinese government has essentially given itself more authority and power to carry out focused surveillance. The system has an alarming resemblance to the historical German system that attempted to suppress revolt, and is being called out for its misuse of internet to inject socialist values in society. Protecting your Social Credit System The Social Credit System will assign a Citizen […]

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Amazon Develops New Delivery Drone Technology

amazon drones

In a breakthrough development online shopping & entertainment giant Amazonhas finally begun pilot testing of their aerial drone delivery service. The “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Delivery System” will begin its field tests in Canada & UK to establish the improvements and lacking features of the service. While most Amazon customers are feeling “yippee”, privacy advocates are looking at the possible issues this technology will bring to the table. A primary issue is with the technology itself as it will use GPS tracking on your phone to locate you for deliveries. Now, if I want the entire earth to know where I […]

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Unblock the action of the Premier Boxing Championship 2015


This year’s Premier Boxing Championship is  going to be one of the most remarkable boxing competitions in the history of the sport. This championship is the F1 of boxing and the heat is on high, because every boxer is fighting to win, with everything to lose. The good news is that the matches will air on NBC, CBS, Spike TV, ESPN, ABC, and more. The bad news is that every single one of these is geo-restricted. Boxing fans can bypass these geo-restrictions to view the fights by using these VPN services. Streaming Channel Region Restriction Unblock Region Restriction NBC Sports […]

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How To Watch The French Open Online Anywhere

french open 2015

After an epic end to the Australian Open,champion & world number 1 Novak Djokovic heads towardsthe Roland Garros for his first ever French Open title. The tournament will feature top athletes including Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Tomas Berdych, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Simona Halep, Madison Keys, Ekaterina Makarova and many more. The Roland Garros has seen some great matches on its grounds. The venue has been witness to the rise of some of the greatest names in tennis hall of fame including Andre Agassi,Jim Courier, Bjorn Borg, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and many other legendary champions. Watch the […]

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HideIPVPN Review – A Modern VPN Service With 2015 Standards

hideipvpn review

HideIPVPN In operation since 2008, HideIP VPN has been a niche provider of VPN security and unblocking solutions. The actual location of the provider is highly debated given reviewers have claimed it is in the USA or Moldova, the website has no mention about the location of the company. In our HideIP VPN review learn about the salient features of the service. Read through thevarious features and benefits of this privacy specializing service as we unveil HideIP VPN’sbrilliant service packages. HideIPVPN Main Features HideIP VPN believesin a free internet and thus considers it itsunique propositionto provide Proactive privacy protection Anonymity […]

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Canada’s C-51 Privacy Killer Makes it Through Parliament

canada c 51

On a very unfortunate day for privacy advocates the Canadian Parliament passed the C-51 surveillance or anti-terrorism legislation. The new legislation will make security agencies immune to judicial permissions and give them the ability to collect even more user data than before. Canadian security agencies will now have the exclusive ability to monitor areas like passport application to put individuals on flight ban lists even before they are authorized to fly. Considering how shameful as this act is from the Canadian Parliament, I can feel the privacy advocate in me dying. The only solution to maintaining your privacy in light of […]

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AVG Technologies Acquires Hide My Ass


Seems like the people at AVG have finally realized that even the best anti-virus can’t keep your data safe without a VPN. That is why AVG will now be offering HideMyAss VPN as part of the AVG Anti-Virus package. This has become possible thanks to AVG Security Technologies’ multi-million dollar acquisition of privacy vendor Privax Technologies, known for their HMA (Hide My Ass) VPN service. On Wednesday 29th April, AVG officially announced the approximately $60 million takeover of Privax Technologies. An AVG Technologies spokesperson added that the inclusion of HMA in their portfolio will enhance privacy while it will add another […]

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How To Watch IIHF Live 2015 World Championship

watch iihf world championship 2015 anywhere online

A total of 16 teams are lighting up the Czech Republic in the 2015 IIHF World Championship! Russia won last year’s IIHF World Championship in a final against Finland, in a championship constituting 64 matches and a total of 352 goals scored. The detailed list below shows how the matches will broadcast on a limited number of channels. Each of these channels will be region-limited and will stream the game in specific regions. If your location is not in the following list, you can use a VPN to unblock the channel and broadcast of your choice to watch IIHF live. […]

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