France Adapts Poisonous Data Retention Policy

France data retention

After the tragic events of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the French government has insisted on the idea of integrating a data retention policy similar to the US Patriot Act in French cyberspace. While speculation is high regarding the Data Retention Directive, the French premiere Francois Hollande is adamant to create a surveillance state rather than improving the internal security apparatus. The proposed Data Retention Policy will require ISPs to monitor suspicious online behavior (with no definition of such behavior) and gives authorities access to cellular and live call data.The law will ensure in-depth surveillance of all online services including social media, email, VoIP and other […]

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In Google We Antitrust: EU Threatens Giant Corporation

margareth vesteger

The latest accusations against Google search claimed that the service not only excludes competitor links in its searches but also diverts customers to its own products when customers access competitor websites. The search engine pioneer has been formally accused of violating antitrust laws prescribed by the European Union. The saga began 5 years ago when a village couple living in Berkshire, England noticed that Google’s search engine was intentionally excluding their comparison shopping website ‘Foundem’ from its search results. Adam and Shivaun Raff were subsequently involved in a three and a half year battle with the giant corporation over the exclusion of […]

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Yahoo’s New On Demand Login

yahoo email passwords

In their state of the art breakthrough, Yahoo has unveiled an On Demand password feature. It is the first step towards a password free world, but still very far from perfect. A password is still involved. Yahoo’s latest feature “On Demand Passwords” will now ensure you don’t even have to remember your password. The search engine giant makes the authentication process easier by texting your password directly to your mobile device. Which is quite a bit like the process that follows when you click on ‘I forgot my password’ to reset your password. Reasons to not use Yahoo On Demand Password Yahoo claims that it has […]

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How to Watch Game of Thrones on HBO Outside USA!


After the epic conclusion of the season 4, the Song of Ice & Fire continues in season 5 as conflict picks momentum in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Termed as “the most pirated show in 2014”, this year will be no different. As it turns out the first four episodes of the highly awaited season 5 of Game of Thrones on HBO have been leaked/released online for the millions around the world to watch. GOT episodes were downloaded a record five million times within the first three hours of the leak. How to Watch Game of Thrones Outside US After […]

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How Anonymous Is HideMyPhone?


Hide My Ass has been a market leader in VPN technologies establishing one of the largest customer bases in the world. Their unique privacy & security bundles have been one of the most sought out services to secure online identities and data. After the massive success of HMA VPN the provider has taken the first steptowards the development of an entirely new privacy market. HMA has taken the next step in privacy technology by introducing the Hide My Phone.A product of the London based app developers Privax, Hide My Phone is a mobile phone privacy app created to change your […]

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The FCC Prepares For Legal Battles Over Net Neutrality


The Federal Communications Commission confirmed on Saturday that all new Net Neutrality laws have been approved and have been sent to the Federal Register (FR) for official publishing. Net neutrality critics will have a chance to file complaints against the rules once they have been published by the FR. A one hour briefing was held for both local and Federal Government bodies to discuss the motivations behind adopting the new Net Neutrality rules. The briefing also established the adoption of Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 to regulate internet providers. After battling these companies for over a year, […]

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Watch IPL 2015 Live Online Anywhere In The World

watch ipl 2015 live anywhere

The Indian Premier League Festival is coming to town as every street in India will reek of cricket fever.After an amazing world cup tournament, International cricketers will be lining up their skills and talents to contend in the most competitive cricket league in the world. Where to Watch IPL Cricket Live Streaming For your convenience we have put together the list of streaming channels, so you can choose how and where to watch IPL cricket live streaming from anywhere in the world. Region Channel Region Blocked? Try These: Pakistan Geo Super IPVanish S.E. Asia  Star Sports  PureVPN Middle East OSN […]

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Opera & SurfEasy Team Up To Make The First VPN Browser

surfeasy joins opera

Norway based internet browser pioneers Opera Software has taken the next step in multi-platform browser technology by acquiring Canadian based VPN provider Surf Easy. The acquisition, details of which have not been disclosed yet, will see an integration of security & privacy features in Opera browser for the first time. Opera although never considered one of the big boys of the internet browser world, have taken this radical step in the attempt to deliver a private and securer experience to its 350 million plus users across the world. Growing distrust on websites, ISPs and government surveillancehas paved the way for […]

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Netflix Considers Removing Geo-Restrictions Worldwide

Netflix removing geo restrictions

Netflix has been subject to severe criticism from governments and especially entertainment copyright holders for its relaxed stance towards VPN users accessing the service using VPN services. The saga seemed never ending as users from Asia, Australia, Africa and South America flooded the US Netflix library and circumventing regional restrictions with ease. While Hollywood giants continue demanding Netflix to block off all VPN users from using their service, Netflix has come up with a bigger plan REMOVE ALL GEO-RESTRICTIONS EVERYWHERE. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings commented “The Company would like to get rid of Hollywood’s geographical restrictions entirely and render ‘VPN […]

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PureVPN Expands VPN Server Spread to 100+ Countries

purevpn countries update

PureVPN now has VPN servers in 100+ countries around the world! As you can see, the PureVPN country spread has been increasing exponentially over the last few years. With features like Split-Tunneling, NAT Firewall, Kill Switch and more, PureVPN has always managed to stand out in the crowd. While there are hundreds of VPN services out there, PureVPN is one of the few that provide the perfect combination of security, accessibility and anonymity. Security with 256-bit SSL encryption Accessibility with the ability to switch IPs between 450+ VPN servers in over 100 countries Anonymity with PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and […]

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greatfire china

On Thursday 26th March, non-profit anti-censorship service was victim to a severe DDoS attack on their main portal and their New York Times mirror website Great Fire has been an active advocate of killing censorship within China. They provide users with news about Chinese censorship strategies, circumvention techniques and provide a test to check if websites are active in Chinese cyberspace. Evidence shows Cyberspace Administration of China compromised millions in cyberattacks against GitHub and GreatFire — (@GreatFireChina) March 30, 2015   GitHub did manage to enhance their security apparatus, but claimed the attack had continued over […]

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