Watch Wimbledon Tennis 2015 Live Online Streaming

watch wimbledon tennis 2015 live streaming

The grassy heavens of Wimbledon are blooming again as top seed tennis stars from around the world come together for another epic championship. Top names including Murray, Djokovic, Anderson, Cilic, Sharapova, Williams and many others begin their survival in the grandest of all tennis grand slams.   Where to Watch Wimbledon Tennis Live  The tournament is available for TV, radio and online streaming for viewers. Those who want to merely listen can tune into the radio broadcast from the official Wimbledon Tennis 2015 website. The TV broadcasts are listed together with their online streaming links below:     Country Channel […]

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NSA to Continue Surveillance, Court Rules in Favor

nsa 4

It Starts Again Surveillance has become the ugly mole on the face of US national security strategies after Edward Snowden’s public revelation of the “dirty”surveillancebeing conducted by the NSA since 2001. They advertently denied doing it before the US Senate, but were then caught red handed after Snowden’s insurrection. In the late hours of Monday June 29th, the “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court” temporarily allowed the NSA to continue their massive telephone record surveillance within the United States. The program went under after the Patriot Act Sec. 215 (that maintained forceful gathering of phone call data)expired on June 1 2015. New […]

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The NSA Is Spying On French Corporations


As poorly as the NSA were in their attempt to take over the world through information gathering and data theft, similar was their ideology behind it. In latestrevelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden it was identified that the NSA tried to gain an “economic intelligence” advantage by spying on top performing French companies. The NSA not only wiretapped French Economy Ministers François Baroin and Pierre Moscovici between 2004 and 2012, they sought to know everything from international contracts to owned assets of major French organizations. An economic espionage order revealed how the NSA kept tabs on various industries including gas, power, nuclear, […]

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Which Is The Most Privacy Friendly Tablet?

Tablets & Privacy Tablet PCs have become one of the most convenient means to stay connected to the world when mobile. Tablets have been optimized to be as fast and responsive as home PCs and laptops given a few add-ons for superior Wi-Fi connectivity. One area where these very convenient and portable devices suffer is their privacy. Since many of the apps inside these tablets are dependent on the GPS signal it makes them highly “anti-private” relaying your location and personal activityas you go around using the device over mobile or public Wi-Fi networks. Another issue is the use of […]

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Using VPNs on Virtual Machines

windows 7 vpn

The Future of Computing OS The growing trend of virtual machines is changing the way businesses and home users use personal computing technology today. Complemented by concepts like IoT (internet of things) andglobal Wi-Fi, virtual machines will soon become the conventional OS for users around the world. A Virtual Machine by definition is an Operating System or application environment installed on software that emulates the performance of dedicated computing hardware. In layman terms, a virtual machine is an OS environment within an operating system, for example running a virtual XP machine on a Windows 7 laptop computer. Screen Capture of […]

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Is NSA’s Brainchild “Quantum Insert” Spying On You?


Brace yourselves for NSA's newest toy: The Quantum Insert Edward Snowden smashed open Pandora’s Box when he revealed the illegal surveillance strategies of the NSA. The evil contained within the revelations about the NSA also included one about the “Quantum Insert” technique. This malicious technique deployed by both the NSA and the GCHQ is a modification of phishing links. The Quantum Insert technique utilizes fake websites to lure customers and then installs spyware onto their devices. German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the GCHQ was using fake malicious webpages on the LinkedIn social network to gain access to user devices. […]

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Australia’s Anti-Piracy Legislation

australia anti piracy

In one of the most tragic news I have reported to my beloved readers in Australia, the Australian Government has finally approved an Online Infringement bill through both houses of Parliament. The Copyright Amendments Bill/Act 2015 will allow courts to enforce censorship of any “foreign” websites found infringing the copyrights of… you guessed it, large media corporations! What was considered “file sharing” once has now been renamed “piracy & infringement” as the Australian Parliament passed the new bill with a voting balance of 37 (yes) to 13 (no). The one good thing about the bill is its relaxation towards persecuting the audience […]

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The Anonymous Social Network: Minds


Introducing “Minds” Joining a long list of social networks claiming to provide a secure and private social experience is the all new Minds social network. Minds is based on the same concept of sharing links and personal thoughts through status updates, but doesn’t really bring anything new to the table until you get to their encryption features. A Screen Capture of my Minds Page Minds of their Own This open source service encrypts all private messages sent from and to users. Bill Ottman, founder of Minds, in an interview with Business Insider, commented that users should be in control of […]

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The Belgian Privacy Commission Drags Facebook To Court

belgium facebook

If being aligned to NSA & GCHQ surveillance was not enough Facebook Inc. is neck deep once more in another privacy invasion muddle. The most popular social network in the world is now being taken to court by the Belgian Privacy Commission for breaching EU and Belgian privacy laws. The Best Strategy Ever On 13th June 2015 the Belgian privacy commission published a recommendation document requesting Facebook to review their privacy policies. This Belgian Privacy Commission established was done after receiving multiple complaints about Facebook’s terms of use and privacy practices. Willem Debeuckelaere, President of the Belgian privacy commission, claimed that Facebook […]

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Watch HBO’s True Detective Season 2 Online


The mind-blowing trailer deserves an award! The hype of the top notch cast and a completely new storyline is too good to be true, as fans wait for Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective Season 2 to feature iconic Hollywood stars including Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch. How to Watch True Detective Season 2 outside USA & UK On the 21st of June 2015, fans will hoard TVs, streaming devices, computers and tablets to watch the premiere of True Detective Season 2. Unfortunately, much like last year, this intriguing show will be geo-restricted by HBO outside the USA and UK. […]

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How to Setup VPN On Windows 10

windows 10

Windows 10 Arrives The highly awaited Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 hybrid, (officially known as Windows 10), is now available for developers in its beta stage while the official release is scheduled for the 29th of July 2015.With a complete overhaul of the older version, Microsoft is calling it the fastest Windows OS yet. Although speed has never been as issue for Windows in the past, privacy and user anonymity definitely are. Edward Snowden’s exposed Microsoft’s fidelity to NSA and raised numerous questions about the operating system’s commitment to users’ privacy. This gave rise to the Windows VPN generation. Windows is […]

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Watch Copa America 2015 Live Streaming Anywhere

copa america

The oldest International football competition is back as the top teams from CONMEBOL are coming together to decide who wear the South American football crown. The Copa America 2015 beginning 11th June 2015 will feature: The top players from South America will come to prove their mantle in this clash of titans. Tune in to watch Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr., Arturo Vidal, James Rodriguez, Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, DaniAlves, Alexis Sanchez and many others in action as the top 12 of CONMEBOL come face to face. Where to Watch Copa America 2015 Online Live The Copa America 2015 […]

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