Net Neutrality Knocks out Anti-neutrality

net neutrality fcc

Net neutrality advocates rejoice as the FCC sides with the millions of American netizens and rules in favor of net neutrality in their latest vote. After voting 3-2 in favor of net neutrality rules under Title II of the Communications Act the FCC established the abolition of website/service blocking, paid fast lanes, and bandwidth throttling.

The new net neutrality rules also place ISPs into the telecom providers list, while giving the FCC the exclusive authority to monitor and regulate the internet provision industry. As US netizens rejoice at the prospect of a neutralized internet, lobbying ISP corporations have vowed to challenge the FCC’s decision in court.

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How to Setup a VPN on iPhone 4/4S


The iPhone 4 was one of the best comebacks by Apple in European and North American regions, after the unsuccessful attempt to relaunch the somewhat unattractive iPhone 3/3GS. The Addition of unique design features and iOS updates made the fourth iPhone sibling a huge success around the world. The iPhone 4/4S also inspired the most successful iPhone 5/5S series, which proved to be a huge success for its online privacy and security features. Amongst the many additions made to the iPhone 4/4S, it was embedded with the VPN or Virtual Private Networking feature. Setup VPN on iPhone 4/4S The iPhone 4/4S is embedded […]

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How to watch ABC iView outside Australia and stream with VPN

watch abc iview outside australia

Since 2008, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been offering their brilliant video-on-demand and Catch-up TV services in the form of ABC iView. This free to use service has no ads in its programming and can be viewed anywhere in Australia using Android, Windows or Apple devices. The downside is that ABC iView is only available in Australia. The best way to watch ABC iView outside Australia is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. A VPN hides the original IP address of a user and replaces it with that of another country – depending on which VPN server location […]

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Red Army #LFC to battle Manchester’s blues at Anfield in EPL

westham vs tottenham epl

The Table is Set The Barclays English Premier League weekend matches return after a break with important fixtures for all top flight teams. Ten matches will see all 20 EPL teams compete to dominate the league table. Watch the Action Live Watch all EPL weekend matches live and exclusive online anywhere in the world with the following streaming channels Country Channel Blocked? Try These United States & India Star Sports IPVanish United Kingdom Sky Sports Australia Fox Sports Australia LeVPN Malaysia Fox Sports Middle East beIN Sports PureVPN Canada RDS China Sina HideMyAss North & South Africa Super Sport If […]

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TunnelBear VPN Review

tunnelbear review

Canadian based Tunnel Bear was established in 2011 in Toronto, it can be accessed anywhere in the world except the Peoples Republic of China, they would rather have Tunnel Pandas than bears. Apart from being reviewed as one of the best VPN services in the world, Tunnel Bear emphasize on high quality service and customer support. Again, something the Chinese might not believe and thus restricting its use. TunnelBear does present a decent offering which is a brilliant match for mobile devices, but compared to premium providers there are significant features missing in their service. As you can observe TunnelBear […]

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How To Watch Youku outside China With A VPN

youku blocked outside china

YouTube’s Chinese equivalent Youku is famed not only in China but also amongst Chinese users across the world. Youku is popular within Chinese borders since YouTube is actively blocked on all ISPs in mainland China, together with all other Google Services. Youku Blocked outside China A claim I had to put to the test was if Youku was blocked outside Chinese cyberspace. I found that you can watch Youku outside China without any issues in most regions of the world including Europe, South Asia, Australia and North America. However, geo-restrictions are still active on videos protected by license and copyright […]

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Best China VPN To Bypass Restrictions in the year 2015

vpn to bypass firewall of china

**Update January 23 2015 At the brink of the new year the Chinese government began an intensive crackdown on VPN providers allowing users access to banned social networks and Google services. reported that Astrill VPN (one of the most VPN services in China) had most of its servers blocked by 31st December 2014 , while the service went AWOL half way through January 2015., a Chinese VPN provider was able to find a sophisticated fix for its customers deeming this would be a long term crackdown. Since the infrastructures of VPN services is fragile and predictable it is […]

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Best VPN for Banking Secure Transactions from Security Risks

Safe Online Banking

In the past 10 years the volume of financial cybercrime has increased exponentially. In 2013, reported that a single ring of cyber criminals stole approximately $1 billion from more than 100 financial institutions across 30 countries. I am not a fear monger trying to scare you. I’m here to give you a solution that will ensure your online security when shopping, banking, transferring funds and using your financial information online for other needs. A VPN for online banking ensures that online transfers, purchases, social media activities and all other activities are secured every step of the way. These are top-tier […]

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5 Things You Should Do Before The House Of Cards Season 3 Launch On Netflix

house of cards season 3

The real presidential elections probably don’t have as much hype surrounding them as the nearing premiere of Season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix this month. The series’ popularity skyrocketed last year with hundreds of thousands of Netflix subscribers binge-watching the entire season over the course of a single weekend. 16% of all of the 33 million subscribers watched at least one full episode over the course of its debut weekend. This year, Frank Underwood has been raised to an edified iconic status, making waves in popular culture and internet boards alike. The Leak Showrunning company Netflix also caught the […]

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How To Unblock Sky GO Anywhere In The World With A VPN

ABC Go Channels

Sky TV’s mobile streaming service Sky GO allows subscribers to access SkyTV programs when on the move through their laptop, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. SkyTV subscribers can avail the service free of cost by installing the Sky GO app on their devices. Other users are required to subscribe through the SkyTV website. How To Watch Sky GO outside UK Frequent travelers, expats and non UK residents know that Sky GO cannot be accessed outside the United Kingdom. To unblock Sky GO you will need a circumvention tool for geo-restricted services, which basically narrows the choices down to a Sky GO VPN or SmartDNS […]

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Watch The Oscars And Its Misgivings Online Tonight

Watch oscars

This Sunday, the Oscars ceremony will be on show for all to see. If you’re an eligible subscriber to one of the TV broadcast and ISP networks, then you can tune in to the live stream here to watch the show live this Sunday. In case you run into any issues with your country being blocked or something, don’t worry about it and just try any of our top listed VPN providers to get access to unrestricted streams. As the Oscars Awards draw closer, The Lego Movie is one of the few choices completely ignored in the Oscar nominations 2015. […]

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How to watch Swansea vs Manchester United Online

How to watch Barclays Premier league

Swansea vs Manchester United – Venue : Liberty Stadium 3:00 PM Manchester United will look to chase 1st and 2nd by walking over Swansea and continue their brilliant form of late. The Red Devils travel to the Liberty Stadium with league triumph on their minds, as Manager Louis Van Gaal demands constant improvement from his new squad. Watch the Swans go against the reds of Manchester as they seek to stay in the top half of the league table. Previously on the last 25 occasions the two have played; and here is the interesting fact, Manchester Untied have triumphed in […]

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