VPN Usage Increases In Canada Following ISPs Monitoring Online Piracy

vpn canada

Surveillance, Censorship and Piracy After scaring the Australian government into scrutinizing and penalizing people who download movies, music, games and TV shows the Hollywood monarchy has successfully “caged” Canadian cyberspace. Canadian residents are now subject to penalties and cash fines for downloading copyrighted material from the internet. But as they say ‘old habits die hard’, the Canadian public is not ready to bend over for the US entertainment tyrants. After thousands of internet users were sent notices and cash fines for accessing “apparently” pirated content, a storm of Canadian traffic researched the term ‘VPN’ as Google indicates in their searches […]

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DDOS Protected VPN

ddos attack

The sea of information or the internet as we know it was created with freedom, communication and convenience in mind. As time progressed we notice how effective and dangerous cyber attacks have become until we have reached a point where corporations, banks, gaming services, websites and even an individual are under threat from malicious attacks online. DoS attacks are becoming a growing pain for internet users around the world, with new attacks occurring on every continent. Verisign Inc. reported that 65% of all attacks between April and June 2014 were greater than 1 Gbps in bandwidth,  while the average attack […]

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The Best Movies & TV Shows To Watch On HULU Plus


Hulu Plus is one of the best online streaming libraries for movies and TV shows. Hulu’s paid streaming service, Hulu Plus, is perhaps the most popular library of movies and TV shows available to viewers to view on mobile, desktop and Smart TV platforms. From the huge Hulu Plus library we have shortlisted the 5 top movies and top 5 TV shows for you to enjoy. 1. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Microsoft’s Halo franchise comes to life in this memoir of Thomas Lansky (played by Tom Green) in Halo 4. Forward Unto Dawn depicts the life of Lansky before […]

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Best VPN for Online Gaming With Reduced Lag

vpn for online gaming

Online Gaming in a New Age Online Gaming has taken its roots in our hyper-connected society with gamers hailing from every continent. As gamers progress, they look for stronger challengers to improve their skill level, this requires connecting to distant regions. For instance a Chinese Dota 2 player wanting to challenge someone in Europe. The increase in online gaming has been exponential during the last few years. With technology solving all other problems, the last remaining hurdle for online gaming comes from the challenges rooted in connection speeds between distant servers. This also gives rise to regional restrictions in online gaming. Using […]

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How To Setup VPN on Windows Phone 8.1 In Minutes


Windows phone users will be rejoicing at the yummy prospects arriving with the Windows 8.1 mobile version. The developer previews have been amazing with users loving the idea of having their beloved operating system on mobile devices. Windows Phone 8.1 User Review  – Source : Engagdet.com VPN on Windows Phone 8.1 Windows 8.1 comes with the all singing and dancing tile screen, Cortana the new voice assistance service and many more new features. One of these very cool features is the new VPN option now embedded into the mobile OS. Microsoft pushes its Virtual Private Network feature to its mobile […]

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David Cameron wants to ‘Ban Privacy’!

David Cameroon

Recently, David Cameron proposed that he wants back doors in to messaging apps or else he will ban them. In other words, David Cameron proposed that he wants to Ban Privacy. This is completely ‘Bollocks’, I guess these things happen when you are incompetent when it comes to national security. I propose that Mr. Cameron gets some education regarding this matter. His proposal is completely absurd; he thinks he can ‘command’ the tech companies into installing backdoors through which his government can keep tabs on its users. But he doesn’t realize that taking such measures will also allow cyber criminals […]

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Netflix Denies Block on VPN Services


The Prologue Here is what we know till now, 5 days ago a breaking news that terrified Netflix and VPN service subscribers around the world claimed that Netflix would finally crackdown on users using VPN services to bypass the Netflix Geo-Filters. Many pay top dollar for some of the best VPN services in an attempt to access the US library of movies and TV shows. Headlines read VPN services, Proxy and DNS server channels will be identified and banned from connecting to the US Netflix library. But while the news made a lot of noise, it was based on a […]

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Unblock Netflix With VPN to Stream Movies & Shows


Netflix is simply the best and largest online video streaming library on the internet today. With a total viewer base of over 50 million viewers, Netflix is the market leader in providing online entertainment. However, the geographical reach of Netflix is sadly limited to the western hemisphere. The best approach is to unblock Netflix US by connecting your VPN service to a US based server. A wide range of VPN providers have established bases in the US namely StrongVPN, ibVPN and Pure VPN. Netflix will recognize your IP address as a US user then, allowing access to their extensive library. […]

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How To Avoid ISP Throttling With A VPN

Speed Throttling

Communications giant Level 3 reported last year that multiple US ISPs were throttling and capping internet for customers in the country. Although it didn’t mention who the providers were, but out came the customer uproar on social networks. Here is what a customer had to say to AT&T I’m 100% convinced @ATT is throttling my unlimited data plan right now. Will be changing carriers soon. — Lemu (@thashadow) January 3, 2015 Similarly , Comcast voted the worst internet provider in the USA got comments like these This is how bad Comcast is throttling me right now. Thanks Comcast you’re the […]

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Watch Hulu Outside The US

Best hulu vpn

Founded in 2007, Hulu is a premium TV, movies and news video streaming website. Based in Los Angeles, California Hulu is amongst the top 3 video streaming channel online. By 2012 there were over 1.5 million paid subscribers joined to the Hulu brand. Hulu fanatics who need their daily dose of movies and TV shows from the video streaming site outside the US can access it through a VPN service. A VPN or Virtual Private Network for starters is basically a secured network that hides the identity (or IP address) of a person. Hulu’s Dreaded Geo-Restrictions Hulu is only available […]

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FCC Proposes New Broadband Benchmarks in the USA

fcc broadband benchmark in us

55 percent of the US population does not have access to quality broadband services, and the Federal Communication Commission chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed to upgrade (revise) the definition of Broadband. Mr. Wheeler has proposed that the old definition (which considering 4MB connections as broadband) should be replaced and only connections offering up to 25MB should be classified as Broadband. The 1996 Telecommunications act defines high speed broadband a service that “enables users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video telecommunications using any technology.” Tom Wheeler argued that the high spec requirements of modern hardware and software […]

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The Best VPN for Android In 2015

VPN For Android

The phenomenal rise of malware and monitoring threats in 2015 requires mobile users to be proactive. The average Android mobile user has to exercise being cautious while shopping, banking and conducting business online on an Android device. The problem is not only with banking but also for users who share critical information with apps and WebPages. Today, most VPN services offered on the Android interface will offer limited features and in some cases trial versions. Being a long time Android user I have come across several but been satisfied by very few VPN for Android. While some services will be […]

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