France Using #JeSuisCharlie As An Excuse For Censorship And Surveillance

france censorship charlie hebdo

While freedom of speech establishes proper guidelines that journalists must follow, Charlie Hebdo magazine’s constant satirical criticism of monotheistic religions arguably resided outside the realm of quality journalism. Such a criticism led to a rather tragic incident that caused a great uproar around the world, the animosity of which is still directed towards Muslims in general to this day. “Vague laws are really problematic when it comes to this sort of surveillance practice, especially when it comes to weak or nonexistent oversight,” Joshua Franco – Analyst Amnesty International Surveillance In France The fact that does baffle me during this saga […]

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The Best iPhone 6 VPN Service In 2015

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 and Privacy Settings Ever since its release the iPhone 6 has been scrutinized for its bend feature which has caused uncalled for criticism and customer dislike for the device. There are however bigger issues that most Apple iPhone users do not care about, privacy issues that they should know about. If you have used older iPhone models you may recall privacy killer features like location check-in, iAds, Ad-tracking, fraudulent website warning and information logging in Safari etc. The iPhone 6 although comes embedded with Apple Inc.’s new iOS 8 and a magnificent new design, it is just […]

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Denmark Bans 12 Torrent Websites

denmark piracy

Danish courts have ruled against piracy websites including numerous torrent trackers after complaints from intellectual property and internet copyright watchdogs ‘The Rights Alliance’. Denmark will now ban torrent websites and a number of other online entertainment outlets including RARBG, Kick Ass Torrents, ISO Torrent, TubePlus, Torrentz and 7 more websites. Denmark’s Anti-Piracy Plans are Expanding Historically Demark has displayed lenient behavior towards torrent trackers and other media sharing websites. In Feb 2008, Denmark became the first European country to block torrent tracker ‘The Pirate Bay’ followed by copyright crackdowns on music sharing websites. This year’s regulations however are part of a much broader […]

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Facebook’s Terrifying New AI Project

facebook ai

It is the dawn of a new age as Tesla motors begins boasting about a colony on Mars, and social media giant Facebook is not far behind as they expand research into Artificial Intelligence. Yann LeCun, Professor at the University of New York, has been leading the research on the Artificial Intelligence program at Facebook – with Memory Works! Dr. LeCun acknowledged that the long term goal of the program was to innovate social networking through machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. After announcing his new position on his Facebook and Google+ accounts nearly two years ago, Dr. LeCun leads a […]

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3 Things You Need To Do Before This Week’s El Classico Match

watch el clasico online

El Clásico – March 22, 2015, 8:00 PM GMT The Classic or “EL Clásico” is one of football’s oldest and grandest rivalries between Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona.The Clásico fixture has been played 169 times between the two Spanish football giants proving to be one of the most entertaining, nerve wrecking, decisive and emotional fixtures of the season multiple times. Come Sunday, the Nou Camp will come alive with the unique ambiance of yet another EL Clásico encounter. With a point’s difference between the two teams, Real Madrid will look to stage an upset in Barcelona’s own yard. Barcelona will […]

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