Watch The Rugby World Cup 2015 Live Online From Any Country

watch rugby 2015 live

The IRB World Cup 2015 Is Coming Four years since the crown of international rugby was conquered by the All Blacks on their home turf in 2011. The drums of competition sound again as the best 20 national teams in the world come to clash in England from 18 September to 31 October 2015. Watch IRB Rugby WC 2015 Live Streaming You can catch all the matches live on TV and on your online devices anywhere in the world. We took the liberty to arrange a list of all regional broadcasters of the IRB Rugby WC 2015. Country Channel Unblock […]

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Instagram Blocked in China: Can Be Unblocked With VPN

unblock instagram in china step 2

Instagram Blocked All Over China Screen Capture from demonstrating how no Chinese server could access Instagram Following the protests in Hong Kong in Sept. 2014, the Chinese government proceeded to block Instagram and it stays blocked to this day in mainland China. Facebook’s photo sharing service “Instagram”was the unique platformprotestors chose to cover the event through their snapshots for the world to see. By the end of 2014 there were close to 300 million active users across the world.Once the Chinese government deemed Instagram illegal (like every other social platform in the world they can’t censor)it was censored across […]

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UK Government Proposes 10 Years Jail time for Online Pirates

intellectual property infringement in the uk

The UK government has proposed after a research that online infringement will be soon punishable up to 10 years if found guilty. Access official reports and know who is going to jail.   The UK Government has proposed a new 10 year prison sentence for individuals and organizations found involved with online piracy or copyright infringement. After a special report by research firm Kanter Media, the UK parliament has come alive with debates of severe punishment for online copyright criminals. Priorities In a country that is not only experiencing an economic slowdown but also increased crime, the government is looking […]

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Twitter Gets Blocked In Turkey Yet Again

twitter blocked in turkey

Update 23 July 2015 – Well that was fast. The ban has officially been lifed. WE DID IT!  And there was much rejoicing in #Turkey #TurkeyBannedTwitter #NotAnymore — (@bestvpnservice) July 23, 2015 As of 22 July 2015, the Twitter social network has once again been blocked in Turkey according to multiple reports from our readers in Turkey.  @bestvpnservice Twitter has been blocked again in Turkey and it occured not even half an hour ago. If I get further info, I'll let you know. — Naz Irmak (@Naz__Irmak) July 22, 2015 At this point though, Turkish internet users are […]

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How To Fix VPN Error 429


What is VPN Error 429? VPN Error 429 is one of the most common problems that VPN users encounter. VPN Error 429 happens when your VPN software (client) fails to connect with the VPN server. This is when the following message pops up on the screen: “Unable to establish the VPN connection. The server may be unreachable”. In some cases, the software might prompt that it was "unable to resolve host or server address", or that the "Secure VPN Connection was terminated locally by the Client". All of these messages mean the same thing: that communication could not be established […]

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VPN 101: How Does a VPN Work?

how does a vpn work

VPN101 is our series of articles that attempts to shed light on the workings of VPNs to the layman users. We believe that internet security is an issue that the common users should be aware of and learning the basics is perhaps the most important step in this regard. Check out our first post in the series: What is a VPN? How Virtual Private Networks Work A VPN service createsa connection between your computer and one of its many VPN Servers, utilizing the public internet infrastructure. This tunneled & encrypted VPN connection ensures that: You can cloak your local IP […]

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VPN 101: What Is A VPN?

what is a vpn

VPN101 is our series of articles that attempts to shed light on the workings of VPNs to the layman users. We believe that internet security is an issue that the common users should be aware of and learning the basics is perhaps the most important step in this regard. We'll start off with the first basic question… What is a VPN, exactly?  What is a Virtual Private Network? VPN or Virtual Private Networks are tools designed to enhance security and provide privacy over private and public networks. These private and public hotspots can include corporate intranets, Wi-Fi hotspots in stations & restaurants, and […]

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Steam Launches New Mobile App With Added Security


PC gamers are no strangers to the Steam platform. A store and gaming client that has a ridiculous catalogue of PC games for download and allows you to play with your friends and maintain gaming profiles. It also has a very active marketplace with a fascinating economy that has become an income source for many content creators around the world.  With so much investment on the users' part, it is only natural that the company behind Steam, Valve, is focusing a lot on security when it comes to account recovery. And doing just that, they have updated the official steam […]

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Ivacy VPN Review 2015

ivacy vpn review 2015

Introduction Hong Kong based Ivacy makes its reworked debut in 2015. Ivacy already holds a respected place in the VPN industry with a developed customer base, brilliant server infrastructure and completely new bundled service features. The Ivacy brand has been completely redesigned to include new features enhancing security & privacy of users. The rebooted Ivacy VPN bundle will now offer more strategic server locations, added multi-user instances, advanced network monitoring, DDoS attack shield, military grade data encryption, brand new desktop software and many more new features. Unique Selling Proposition Ivacy consider their anonymous access and secure zero logging features as their unique defining features, […]

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The Top 5 Worst Privacy Offending Governments in the World


Privacy and information safety have become two of the most significant areas of interest for netizens and snooping governments alike. While a massive populace of online users disregards the importance of protecting their own privacy & personal data, certain governments are busy extracting this most intimate & precious information through any means they can. Five governments in particular have become the examples of ideal Orwellian surveillance, once described by George Orwell in his book “1984”. Namely USA, Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand, seem to have taken an oath to snoop on each and every individual on Earth. This countdown […]

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