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Bitcoin maybe a secure method of payment that is independent of scrutiny from any financial standards and organizations, but it is not entirely anonymous and can be traced back. A Bitcoin VPN ensures transaction data privacy and process security for both parties.

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Growing cybercrime events are constantly pushing netizens to adopt anonymous payment modes for practically everything, from groceries to electronics, and more.

Anonymity of Bitcoin

No personally identifiable information attached to the transaction when sending/receiving funds through Bitcoin. Even though transactions are logged publicly, “Addresses” (which are a series of random numbers) are used rather than any recognizable information on any of the transaction parties.

Academics and professional alike agree that there is always room for improvements in the security and privacy of e-transactions. However, the anonymity of Bitcoin is second to none when compared with present-day tech.

why bitcoin is secure

In the illustrated process diagram above, you can see all the involved intermediaries that comprise of a single Bitcoin transaction. You can link your Bitcoin wallet to most payment mediums including bank accounts, credit/debit cards, PayPal and many other payment systems, while all the personal identifiable information is hidden.

Users can simple transfer money to their Bitcoin wallet, make a transaction and they’re done, with no trail of breadcrumbs to worry about.

Bitcoin Transactions Are UNSAFE

The sad part however is that even though none of the parties in a Bitcoin transaction can be immediately identified, NONE of the Bitcoin transactions are encrypted and are therefore seriously insecure. Here is what Bitcoin Wiki writes on the encryption and privacy of Bitcoin transactions:

“Transactions are not encrypted, so it is possible to browse and view every transaction ever collected into a block. All transactions are visible in the block chain, and can be viewed with a hex editor. A block chain browser is a site where every transaction included within the block chain can be viewed in human-readable terms.”

Every transaction is conducted with an ID or pseudonym, which is directly associated with the user’s IP address. Bitcoin rose to popularity regardless of this critical weakness thanks to the Bitcoin VPN.

Using VPN for Bitcoin Transactions

Since the Bitcoin process has no encryption, your transaction ID and hence your IP is at risk of being identified during transactions. When connected to a Bitcoin VPN your entire transaction will be primarily secure by the exclusive tunneling protocols illustrated in the diagram below:

Bitcoin VPN Secure your Anonymity

If you look closely at the diagram, your PC first uses the internet to create a “secure tunneled connection” with the Bitcoin VPN server (denoted by the blue two way arrows). This secure tunnel hides everything from hackers, ISPs, Government spying and data miners.

The dotted red line in the diagram denotes “military grade encryption algorithms” ciphering all the data going through this secure tunnel. Usually Bitcoin VPN providers encourage 256bit encryption algorithms due to their complexity. In addition, 2048bit certificate authentication (usually, stronger keys can be used) is deployed to ensure no one can even think of snooping on your secure connection.

Applied to a Bitcoin transaction, your connection with Bitcoin servers will be secure using 256bit data encryption so personal details, IP addresses, financial information and other data will be proactively ciphered making it unreadable to anyone. Certificate authentication will ensure it is you given the transaction instructions and not a malicious snoop while protecting your transaction through intense security protocols.

Get Bitcoin VPN to Go Secure

Using Bitcoin provides just enough anonymity to conduct financial transactions under the radar. Bitcoin privacy is second to none given the level of data security and online anonymity provided by the Bitcoin VPN through highly secure tunneling and military grade data encryption.

Transacting using Bitcoin over VPN to ensure you are never identified and your transaction are un-traceable. Enjoy seamless VPN Bitcoin privacy and ensure no one can ever snoop on your devices. 
Stay anonymous and unidentified as you browse through the web. Access our reviews for the top Bitcoin VPN providers and find the best cheap Bitcoin VPN deals with BestVPNService. Get VPN Bitcoin privacy today and enjoy the exclusive security of a premium Bitcoin VPN today.

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