The Best VPN Software 2016

Ever since the debate on online privacy began, particularly after Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks VPN software became the online standard for users to secure their online privacy. In yesteryears it was a task in itself to configure VPN on various devices but state of the art VPN software have changed the way Netizens protect their privacy online.

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Learn why the best VPN software is the most effective tool against massive threats lingering on the World Wide Web. Access our top two tested VPN client software or test the top 10 VPN providers on our list and discover the best VPN software for you.

The Best VPN Software for IoT

The growing concept of IoT (Internet of Things) is constantly demanding higher standards of security and privacy tools for interconnected devices. In an experiment, Symantec researchers conducted a wireless sweep of online devices in Switzerland using a $75 combination of a Raspberry Pi, a Bluetooth adapter, a battery pack and a memory card.

The results Symantec’s research team obtained were alarming as the team was able to capture the serial numbers of devices and was also able to identify the owners of the respective devices. Relaying the unique hardware address, all devices could be tracked to their locations and owners. The moral of the test the researchers identified was that using basic tools, a third party (marketers, security agencies, hackers & cybercriminals) could easily access the personal data from a minor distance.

The Symantec research team also discovered that IoT devices constantly connect with more than one domain, sending off user statistics & data to unknown destinations. The Symantec researchers concluded that it was as if the creators were intentionally trying to develop dodgy privacy policies and lacking security standards for IoT devices.

In a similar test, Synack security conducted rigorous hack testing of various components (cameras, thermostats, refrigerators etc.) of 16 smart homes. Not only did the researchers successfully hack into all devices, one researcher’s quote reads:


“Really, the state of security on these things right now is pretty atrocious,” - Colby Moore, security research engineer at Synack

Synack researchers established that none of the devices had manufacturer embedded encryption while the password policies in all tested appliances were appalling. The best VPN software can be effectively used to protect a range of wearable and smart home devices including smart watches, tablets, home appliances and cars.

Protect against Cybercrime with the best VPN software

Netizens can turn a blind eye to the notion of cybercrime but it is a growing epidemic on the internet. Every cyber security corporation including Symantec, Trend Micro, ESET, Kaspersky and others have established in their yearly cyber threat reports how critical these attacks have become.
Close to 50% of US citizens had their online data breached due to large scale attacks on US corporations in 2014, CBS News reported. Total cost of cybercrime in the USA amounted close to $108 billion while that in the UK was $4.3 billion. In the UK, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimated that a colossal 5.1 million cybercrime cases were registered from June 2014 to June 2015 (stats from SC Magazine). Cybercrime cost the world economy a gargantuan $445 billion with financial institutions & government institutions being the prime targets.


Android Malrware Report Survey 2016

The sad fact about cybercrime is that victims don’t even discover the breach until it is too late. This is largely due to the growth in the use of smartphones and tablet PCs which have easy to breach security and password policies. 78% online shoppers (statistics from Criteo Q4 2015 report) complete transactions over their mobile or tablet devices, alarmed? Yes, were too. To highlight the severity of the issue here is what the FBI (statistics from CBS News) published:

•    $81 million taken by romance scammers, who target people on online dating sites, feigning love and then asking for money — averaging more than $12,000 per victim.
•    $51 million taken by auto scammers, who convince their targets to pay for cars that don't exist — raking in an average of $3,600 per victim.
•    $18 million in real estate rental scams which, like auto scams, attempt to convince buyers to pay for property that doesn't exist — to the tune of nearly $1,800 per victim.
•    $6 million taken by FBI scammers, who pretend to be government officials to intimidate and extort money — averaging nearly $700 per victim.

A simple solution like VPN software allows you to hide completely from prying hackers & cybercriminals. The best VPN software also ensures user activity is not only hidden but also encrypted so no one can understand the data being processed from netizen devices.

Protect against Surveillance with the Best VPN Software

The web of state surveillance spun by the NSA is so vast that no internet friendly country can possibly secure itself from it. Everyone from religious figures, statesmen, politicians, world leaders, ordinary netizens, journalists and anti-status quo bloggers is under the NSA radar today.
Encyclopedias will lack pages for the various surveillance apparatuses initiated and in use today courtesy the 5 Eyes (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). The collaborative surveillance network setup by these 5 countries (even giving themselves a cool name) put into one word is “draconian”.
The NSA has access to billions of telephone records (acquired illegally), meta-data of unsuspecting US & global netizens, device profiles of any netizen who passed through the US, surveillance data on foreign leaders & statesmen, in addition to, “Project Treasure Map” an actual charted map of the Internet. 
How then we question can we ever be safe from this unwanted online surveillance regime?
Although it is not an ironclad solution the best VPN software can easily hide your online presence and activity from even government surveillance around the world. The only issues lies that the ISP can identify users behind the VPN, but even ISPs can’t see your online activity or decrypt your data.
VPN software proceeds to tunnel your internet connection to one of their VPN servers using innovative “tunneling protocols” while securing your data using “encryption algorithms”. The combo of these two technologies ensures that even draconian surveillance cannot decipher or decode your communications or data.

The Best VPN Software

We tested 10 branded VPN software including PureVPN, IPVanish, ibVPN, Ivacy VPN, HideMe, Tunnel Bear, HMA, VPN Area, BoxPN, and PIA VPN. Here are our top 2 best VPN software we found:


The latest version of PureVPN’s VPN client software was released last year after a complete redesign of the original app. Apart from making the app less susceptible to system crashes it was optimized to be more user friendly than its predecessor.

Purevpn Best VPN Software Review

The new PureVPN VPN software provides powerful options including split tunneling, auto reconnect, an interactive server selection map or list (whichever works better for users), an all-new purpose selection menu, advanced protocol selection and dedicated IP support.

The PureVPN app maintained server connection times between 15 and 20 seconds (something the brand has radically improved from the previous app). The hardest to connect VPN server was that of Australia, that took 3 tries and about 50 seconds to connect. When tested with different protocols, L2TP tunneling took the longest with about 23 seconds to connect while OpenVPN was the fastest in 14 seconds with the Netherlands server.

Purevpn Best VPN Server Review


IPVanish has historically had the best VPN software available in the industry today. The brilliant design, ease of use and accommodating features make it one of the most friendly and famed VPN software today. Inclusive of the conventional dashboard, the IPVanish VPN software offers a phenomenal diagnostics tool and a brilliant settings menu for you to configure each and every option affecting your connection.  

IPVanish Best VPN Software Review

One of our favorite aspects of the IPVanish VPN software is its innovative server selection design allowing users to connect in accordance to their usage, through a global list or simply access the world map to choose from closest VPN servers.

IPVanish Best VPN Servers Review

One interesting feature within the IPVanish VPN software is the “IP Settings” on the left hand. The IP Settings option allows users to immediately change their IP address in case of a cyber-attack, threat of intrusion or for a quick jump from server to server.  The in-app verify option allows you to confirm if the IP replacement was successful or if your real IP is being broadcasted as an added precaution.


The IPVanish VPN software also provides easy access to the brand’s support team allowing user to receive immediate help in case of an issue. The VPN client software allows users to manage accounts through the app itself while also providing instant access to IPVanish social feeds. 

The IPVanish VPN Software is truly state of the art, yet it lacks a wider range of tunneling protocols. Since IPVanish offers only the 4 protocols listed, the VPN client software lists only those 4. The lack of newer tunneling technologies has also been criticized in our IPVanish VPN review 2016.   

In a Nutshell

Enjoy secure internet with one of the best VPN software listed above. Enjoy proactive data protection, secure P2P & Torrent downloads, anonymous browsing, protected VoIP and much more with the latest VPN software in 2016.

Test various providers and learn about their unique features, let us know which one works best for you. Drop us a comment below or tweet to us @bestVPNservice and let us know which VPN software works best for your region.

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