The Best USA VPN Services of 2016

A USA VPN gives you peace of mind and complete internet freedom from the NSA and from geo-restrictions. There are countless USA VPN services that promise complete online privacy, but only a few of them provide the server spread, compatibility and protocol variety that are needed to experience an uncensored and unrestricted internet. Enjoy streaming Netflix, Hulu, Panodra, BBC iPlayer and more from anywhere! These are the best VPN for USA and are trusted by people around the world for providing premium quality encryption and untraceable anonymity at affordable prices.

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I can give you case after case where the US Government, the NSA and ISPs have conducted surveillance on US citizens. The largest government surveillance program ever created is currently being run by the NSA in the form of its PRISM datacenters in the United States.

In light of these threats to privacy, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in USA has become a necessity for American internet users. Virtual Private Networks were initially remote connection, circumvention and security tools introduced for businesses. Today VPN are considered to be the cutting edge of exclusive privacy and security solutions for home and business users alike.

All VPN brands are usually distinguished by their global server network. A wider global network means a more receptive internet across various countries. US residents face compounding threats from NSA surveillance, cybercrime and censorship (the former two being most frequent) legalized by the so-called liberal US government.

Three reasons establish the importance of a VPN for any US netizen:

  1. Privacy over social media and forums
  2. Threats over public WiFi networks , and
  3. Unblocking restricted news, media and other services

We will discuss these factors below and why we need protection, privacy and circumventing blocks.
Based on the above criteria, we have compiled the 5 best USA VPN picks for you based on customer reviews and feedback. If you like something, click something!

Government Surveillance in the USA

The USA has the most severely monitored internet in the world in terms of freedom of press, P2P downloading, entertainment copyrights, VoIP communication and social media. What really surprises me is that Freedom House ranks USA’s internet as “Free”, while giving them a brilliant score of 19 for internet freedom.

AT&T provided the NSA a gateway to spy on US internet users. The EFF confirmed this by retrieving evidence from a former AT&T employee. The NSA operates its PRISM surveillance program across the USA - monitoring everything from social media to press releases. This, the NSA claims, is due to terrorism (yeah, anything to curb terrorism right?) but the real case I believe is otherwise.

The same NSA recently hacked and stole the database of Gemalto, the biggest phone-sim manufacturer in the world (still think its terrorism?).

Although the new net neutrality law has been successfully pushed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) finally breaking the monopoly and power of large ISPs. These giant corporations have lobbied long enough to skim the US market through slow/fast bandwidth lanes, bandwidth caps and website blocking. Now they have vowed to challenge net neutrality all together.

Best USA IP VPN Services in 2015

Cybercrime Escalates in USA

Over a period of 5 years the US has experienced a radical increase in cybercrime, which has enveloped almost every functional area of the economy including the government and military networks. 

Three major IT security companies McAfee, Symantec and Kaspersky have identified cybercrime as a growing trend in US cyberspace. The advent of IoT (internet of things) and the increased use of mobile devices has quadrupled the number of cybercrime incidents in less than a decade.

Killing Internet Freedom with SOPA, PIPA and now ACTA

The US Government also tried to enforce SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) back in 2012, courtesy of Republican Senator Lamar S. Smith. After severe criticism and opposition by agencies like the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and other net freedom advocates the idea was dropped by the US Congress.

Lobbyists that included senators and major Hollywood studios have looked to limit the internet by claiming copyright infringement and piracy. This has led to the closure of many torrent websites and file storage sites while they get a ranking of 19 by Freedom On Net.

Although the two legislations were rejected by the US public and Government officials alike, President Obama chose to take the agenda forward globally. The US President signed the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) with support from the Motion Picture Association of America and International Trademark Association. More than 40 countries agreed to sign the ACTA, conducting secret negotiations that failed to include any civil rights groups and privacy experts.

By 2013, several countries of the EU including Germany, Poland and Netherlands rejected joining the ACTA due to excessive public and legal pressure. And now only a handful of nations around the world including the USA, Japan, UK and a few others push this agenda on their public.

Best USA VPN to Beat Surveillance

Top US VPN services enhance your online security and safeguard your identity through renowned encryption and tunneling features. Using exclusive tunneling technology a VPN for US IP masks your IP address ensuring foolproof privacy when online. Your data security is made ironclad through military grade encryption algorithms to ensure that no one can steal your data.

When used in conjunction with each other, tunneling and encryption ensure that cybercriminals, government spying and ISP monitoring get nothing but a link to a VPN server and ciphered data that cannot be decoded.

Unblocking Geo Restriction with a VPN for USA

The US, although a victim of some serious cyber surveillance and cyber crime cases, does offer something for everyone around the world. The US hosts two of the most extensive VoD streaming libraries in the world through Netflix US and Hulu. When travelling (or living) outside USA you will be restricted from accessing Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, Spotify, Pandora and many other video and music streaming services.

A US VPN will allow you to connect to a US based server assigning you an IP address from that region. This will allow you to access the entire Netflix US video library. In addition you will get access to other video and music streaming services like Hulu, HBO Go and Spotify Premium.


As net neutrality resumes in US cyberspace, netizens can expect better speeds and data protection, but surveillance and data mining will prevail.

We hope the information above helped you to learn about the various threats and infiltrations that can expose your privacy and security online. Read through our US VPN solutions and reclaim your online privacy - protect your data, unblock restrictions and prevent snoops from viewing your online activity.

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