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UK VPN services bypass geo-restrictions set by BBC iPlayer and other much loved streaming and entertainment websites in the UK. These top-tier VPN services offer unbeatable internet security and anonymity through globally dispersed VPN server networds, user-friendly software, military grade encryption protocols and comprehensive compatibility. Using the best VPN for UK allows you to cloak your IP, unblock streaming content, and stay off the GCHQ's radar, all at the same time!

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Recent Developments:

18 July 2015: Upto 10 Years Jail time for Copyright Infringement

The UK government will give prison sentences for up to 10 years for copyright infringement. Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe has the support of large and small copyright holders, and is expected to bump up the penalties for individuals caught engaging in any form of unlawful downloading of copyrighted data. The government seems to be looking out for the movie producing millionaires who want to become billionaires, but nobody seems to be working to make entertainment more affordable and accessible.

Once known as the pinnacle of freedom and liberal thinking, the UK is now known for its draconian internet censorship. In the name of combating terrorism and pornography, PM David Cameron has brought internet freedom to its knees. This is further compounded with surveillance of Britain’s cyberspace and rising cyber crime across Europe.

Protect, Unblock and Anonymize With A UK VPN

Best UK VPN Service Providers List

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are not new and have been used by businesses and individuals in the past to create secure connections to their office/home networks through the public internet. Today VPN are serving the purpose of security, privacy, anonymity and circumvention tools for the internet in countries like Britain.

The service quality of any VPN depends on how many servers the provider offers worldwide. Factors of primary importance also include data encryption standards (to secure your files & communication), and effective bandwidth speeds.

Recent Developments:

27 May 2016: Investigatory Powers Bill

In latest developments, David Cameron's re-elected government managed to sneak through another piece of surveillance toilet paper through the parliament. 

Edward Snowden will be reading his morning newspapers and saying “I told you so…” as the UK government prepares another landmark in their pursuit of a surveillance state 70% of which is already there.The Investigatory Powers Bill will be introduced across the United Kingdom to enhance the power of security forces & surveillance apparatuses.

The new bill will further empower the following surveillance aspects:

Basically, any surveillance, any wiretapping, any security raids or arrests based on this bulk retention of data will be legal and will not require adequate oversight from judges. Although ministers have promised to provide “appropriate oversight”, we have heard them promise a lot in the past too.

Journalists and privacy advocates both claim that David Cameron is simply taking unfair advantage of the surprise majority he has received from the latest general election.The British Home Office has claimed that the new legislation will “better equip law enforcement and intelligence agencies to meet their key operational requirements, and address the gap in these agencies’ ability to build intelligence and evidence where subjects of interest, suspects and vulnerable people have communicated online.”

That statement basically translates into, “we are going to conduct in-depth surveillance on your daily lives and you will have to comply. We can indict you as criminals whenever we want and snoop on all your communication to keep you line.”

Online Censorship in the UK

After becoming a signatory of the European Convention in 1998, freedom of expression and viewership has become non-existent in the UK. After the tragic events of 9/11 and 7/7, governments have taken controversial decisions regarding Britain’s cyber space. By 2014, UK had been labeled an enemy of the internet by ‘Reporters without Borders’; for systemic suppression of users, and for censoring news & information online.

Limiting their cyber space to a few media outlets, the UK Government has adopted an almost draconian internet censorship policy. Access to certain websites has been blocked in the name of the fight against pornography and terrorism. The GCHQ (UK Government Communications Headquarters) also censors news and websites that it finds necessary and presents a biased perspective in both TV and online media regarding particular issues.

A UK VPN allows users to connect to servers based in other regions, thereby unlocking all websites and services. A large volume of Netflix users in the UK connect to the US Netflix library and enjoy the full VoD experience via VPN. You can unblock all regional news, lifestyle, health and entertainment websites with most UK VPN providers.

Big Brother UK is Watching You

A fact that most Britons will know is that the GCHQ has managed to legalize cyber surveillance through the British judicial system. This gives the governments the ability to spy on any internet user - disregarding the rights of privacy.

However, a ray of hope has emerged with the IPT (Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The IPT initially declared surveillance as legal, but a ruling given on 6th February 2016 established that the surveillance being conducted by the GCHQ and NSA on British citizens is unlawful. It may be a bit too late, but we’ll take as a solid stance against illegal surveillance any day.
Sadly, no matter what the IPT rules, surveillance and spying architecture in the UK has established to a point where it can provide national security agencies more than enough channels to keep monitoring millions of UK citizens. As depressing as this sounds, remember that it is up to you to safeguard your identity and privacy.

The best UK VPN service will ensure your identity is anonymous by assigning you a new IP address from a foreign server. Once the connection is established, ISPs, cybercriminals and Government spying will only see nothing beyond a connection to the VPN server. Similarly, all your activity including browsing, messaging, emails etc. will be encoded into combinations of binary digits making it useless for snoops.

Cybercrime: The New Bully on the Block

The Guardian reported on 21 October 2014, that the cost of cybercrime was recorded at a massive £670 million (Sept 2013 to August 2014) in the span of an year. In a survey conducted with a sample of 2,075 people 51% of them had fallen victim to cybercrime. The odd fact reported in the Guardian’s report was that many Britons fail to report cybercrime incidents, hence making discovery and investigation all the more impossible.

Almost every sector of the UK economy has been affected by cybercrime over the past four years. In the 3 year trend above you can notice the growth of cybercrime costs in every industry. GCHQ, the legal surveillance agency spying on possibly every single IP address in the UK, cannot pin point the origins of most cyber crime cases (now that’s some surveillance, isn’t it?)

By ensuring that your information and all other online activity is encrypted, a UK VPN will completely filter out malware, link phishing, DDoS attacks and other threats bound to infect your devices.


We hope that we provided you with useful updates and solutions to the privacy problems that plague cyberspace in the UK. Remember that you hold the ability to make yourself anonymous, while online entities including your search engine, shopping websites, your ISP and even the government is looking to collect your BIG DATA.

Browse through our solutions to achieve maximum privacy and security when online. Visit us again and look for the best UK VPN services discounts and deals. Leave a comment for us if you liked the post and feedback for any information you think we should include.

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