Torrent VPN Providers That Value Your Privacy In 2016

A large number of governments around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Finland, and Sweden have begun crackdowns (thanks to large media corporations like Fox, Time Warner, Virgin Media etc.) on Torrent tracker websites like The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass Torrents, Torrent Reactor, and Extra Torrent. By design a Torrent VPN has one primary task: it makes you invisible online. Whenever you access torrent clients and seed (allow downloading for other users) a file, other users can see your IP address and actual location, unless you use a Torrent VPN.

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Why Do You Need Torrent VPN Services?

Thanks to radical changes to internet technologies torrent downloads have become the leading medium to share files and media across the world. Desktop & mobile apps like uTorrent, qBitTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, Tixati plus numerous other apps both premium and free are rapidly growing popularity in a world destined to kill the online sharing community.

 A VPN for Torrent downloading has become essential if you want to stay hidden from government and ISP trolls trying to capture your data packets for inspection. Similarly copyright trolls, hackers and 3rd party marketers tend to infect torrent files with malicious code which leads to:

Unblock Torrent with VPN

As we briefly mentioned above countries are rapidly blocking and banning torrent websites in their cyberspace. The US, UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Austria and many others have now banned sites including The Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent and Kick Ass Torrents amongst many others.

Given these top torrent trackers are banned in your region you can unblock torrenting with a Torrent VPN as easily as saying “cheese” for a photograph. Unblock torrent websites with complete anonymity and say no to ISP & Copyright tracking.

Anonymity of Torrent VPN

All peer trackers reveal your IP address, country and broadband provider listed with network statistics. A torrent VPN in this case will replace your IP address with a new one, change your location and keep your ISP name confidential.

Another crucial aspect of a VPN for torrents is their ability to maintain zero log records of your personal details, financial information and online activity. A zero log Torrent VPN will ensure you are truly anonymous and your online torrent activity is completely private. 

Choosing the Best VPN for Torrents

To determine the best VPN for torrents you need to analyze 5 very important aspects of any provider:

Optimized Torrent VPN Servers

The best VPN for torrents will provide you optimized & dedicated servers. These servers are tweaked for faster speeds, less server disconnection and maximum security. Research the best VPN for torrenting in our exclusive VPN for torrents ranking table.  

Unlimited Bandwidth Usage

Unlimited bandwidth is a prerequisite for any torrent VPN. You will found thousands of VPN providers to unblock torrenting, but choosing the best VPN for torrent will still take some thought.

Since torrent downloads elapse the 1 GB file size category most of the times it is necessary to subscribe to the best torrent VPN. Unlimited bandwidth will ensure your downloads are always on and the only thing that can stop you is an electrical breakdown.

(Note: Do remember that if your ISP limits your bandwidth a torrent VPN will not magically provide you unlimited bandwidth.)


The best torrent VPN services should have compatibility with a diverse range of devices. This establishes that the torrent VPN you are using works with all your PC/Laptop and mobile devices that you use to download. The best VPN for torrenting come with excellent compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux plus a huge range of devices (routers, Windows phones, Roku etc.)

Customer Service and Self Help Tutorials

Availability of immediate help and support is the true essence of a customer centric torrent VPN provider. While you will find hundreds of VPN for torrent claiming to be the best they will be missing the essential aspect of live customer service.

The best torrent VPN services offer exclusive 24/7 live customer while providing an extensive database of tutorials and troubleshooting manuals. The best torrent VPN providers also keep customers in the loop by updating servers and unblock torrents in regions that are severely tracked.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

VPN for torrents are easier to use if they have revolutionary desktop and mobile apps to compliment the service provider. VPN provider apps provide you the convenience of automatic configuration and essential tools like auto-reconnect, internet kill switch, server selection, general setting tweaks etc.

Torrent VPN Android

Android Torrent VPN apps are readily available on the Google Play Store. Depending on your provider you may need to download the app directly from the website of the Torrent VPN Android. Possibly the easiest apps to use together with Torrent VPN for iOS, Android Torrent VPN are easy to setup and also offer free trials (which don’t last more than a day due to bandwidth restrictions).

Torrent VPN for Android are capable to work on Android smartphones, Android Tablets and Google Chrome books. All Android 2.3 OS devices are also capable to manually configure Android Torrent VPN, but with selected protocols.  

Torrent VPN Windows

Possibly all VPN providers have Torrent VPN Windows apps available on their websites. Since it’s one of the most common OS used across the world, VPN services usually feature their Windows app ahead of others.

Torrent VPN Windows apps are compatible from Windows XP above, while manual setup for Windows OS are also listed on most provider websites.     

Torrent VPN Mac

Torrent VPN apps for Mac are a not common, while top tier providers do offer Torrent VPN Mac apps many others only provide manual setup of their services. Due to the restricted nature of Apple devices configuring apps to addresses changing OS versions becomes harder.

Mac users can trial PureVPN, IPVanish VPN and ibVPN Mac Torrent VPN apps for the best experience.   

Torrent VPN iOS

The second most used mobile and tablet OS is Apple’s iOS embedded in iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. Torrent VPN iOS apps can be easily found on the Apple App Store. Similar to Mac, there may not be many iOS Torrent VPN apps available due to the operating system’s restricted nature.  

You can always manually setup the Torrent VPN for iOS with provider setup guides and live support help. The Torrent VPN iOS app however reduces setup time and allows easy connection without getting into the mumbo jumbo of the iOS operating system which some users do find difficult.

The Best Torrent Websites

Amongst the hundreds of torrent trackers available on the internet we have compiled our top 5:

Kick Ass Torrents

You can easily unblock KAT with a Torrent VPN without even having to worry about who is watching. Established with an estimated 6 million unique visits per month KAT become the top torrent tracker after TPB was shut down in 2011. The website offers everything from TV shows, Anime, Movies, Music, Books, Apps and a miscellaneous section.


Torrentz is not a website but a search engine like Google that searches for torrent on various websites and fetches all the existing torrent results available for a certain search. Torrentz establishes itself through its ability to fetch torrents from all your favorite torrent trackers without having to go to each and every website separately.

No matter what you need simply unblock Torrentz with the best torrent VPN and enjoy your favorite media, documents, apps and other files without having to run all over the internet.

The Pirate Bay

TPB used to be “the” torrent tracker that ruled the world, featuring everything from movies, TV Shows, games, applications, music, adult materials, documents, magazines, newspapers and several other categories on their website.

After its revival earlier in 2015 under new management fanatics are storming the internet to unblock Pirate Bay once more. Historically on average 6.5 million users visited TPB, after its closure users were scattered over many other competing services.  Unblock Pirate Bay today and get back to where you left off, they are back!

Extra Torrent

Gaining popularity since Pirate Bay was banned Extra Torrent has become a leading torrent destination for entertainment fans. Extra Torrent claims itself to be the “The Biggest BitTorrent System” and guarantees the best seeding torrents. The website delivers on its claims and a majority of torrents available have excellent seeds.

Unblock Extra Torrent today and enjoy brilliant download speeds with the best torrent VPN providers to download with peace of mind & security.   


Back with a completely new design and brilliant seeds for downloads isoHUNT has always been a top source for downloading fans. The website has the usual categories including a movie rating section where you can discover new entertainment.

Unblock isoHUNT today and discover the excellent entertainment available on the website with a Torrent VPN.  

Get the Best Torrent VPN Service Today!

This brings us to the end boys and girls, enjoy the best torrent VPN to download your favorite media and files. Enjoy top tier online privacy to protect your identity and online activity with Best VPN Service. Access our exclusive torrent VPN provider table and review the top VPN for torrents for your region.

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