How to Watch Netflix Outside USA & Europe Using VPN

Viewers residing outside the US and Europe should not be heartbroken, practically all regional Netflix libraries can be easily accessed with a VPN or SmartDNS service. If you are missing out on the latest updates and classic entertainment available on Netflix, we give you the one stop solution to unblock the best streaming service in existence. We have tested the following VPN service providers to be fully compatible when it comes to unblocking Netflix no matter which country you are connecting from. Enjoy thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of hours of entertainment without those pesky "Netflix is not available in your country" messages.

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Watch Netflix Anywhere by using VPN

 Update 1/12/2016: Netflix is finally everywhere, the globally renowned US based streaming service is now available in 190 countries, made available to over 130 countries at the same time with Reed Hastings making the surprise announcement on Wednesday 6th January 2016. There is however the sad fact in all of this good news, all regional Netflix libraries is a mere 10% of the original US Netflix library. 

For instance, Netflix South Africa is only 7% of the original Netflix library missing 93% of the original library. Not only will regional Netflix libraries like South Africa be missing many of the movies only available in the US, it will also be missing Netflix originals like House of Cards. While social media is going crazy over the epic release of Netflix around the world, they are also missing House of Cards very deeply, time to get those VPN working again South Africa.

Update 1/9/2016: 

In a shock revelation made by none other than Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Netflix was unveiled across the world in over 130 countries at the same time. Hastings made the shock announcement while addressing the CES Keynote speech on Wednesday 6th January2016. 

Building upto the massive news, Hastings kept the audience busy for over 30 minutes and in the last 5 minutes delighted movie & TV streaming fans with this statement (followed by an eruption of applauseby the crowd):

The heartbeat of video streaming fans Netflix Inc. has gone through some dire times in the past year. Netflix not only faced opposition from partner companies but also from governments and media regulators. Then last year a mob of entertainment corporate giants cornered Netflix for allowing users to circumvent geo-restrictions with VPN and access US and European streaming content libraries.

Today Netflix is watched by over 55 million (57.4 million according to a Forbes new report) users across the world. The world’s favorite Video on Demand service is now available in 50 countries with a new portal now open for Australia Netflix and is now looking to expand in to China’ s huge market. Over the next two years Netflix Inc. is aiming to cover the entire globe with a separate service for every continent of the world.

The Best Netflix VPN

Using a VPN to access the US or European Netflix content is inarguably the best way to ensure unblocking all restrictions, maintain complete anonymity and browsing the Netflix library without compromising your IP address or location. 

A VPN for Netflix uses state-of-the-art security and privacy features, replacing your local IP address with one from the USA or any other Netflix enabled region. In addition to circumventing geo-blocked services Netflix VPN is also capable of:

  1. Protecting you against malicious threats 
  2. Providing multiple-user access with a single account 
  3. Data encryption to secure your information transfers
  4. Securing users over public Wi-Fi networks    
  5. Providing high speed P2P downloads 

Amongst the many benefits users can gain from using Netflix VPN, the easiest to relate to are the protection of your personal identity and the maintenance of secrecy of your online activity. Since copyright holders (large entertainment companies like Sony Pictures) frown upon the idea of using VPN for Netflix (Netflix don’t consider it illegal though), it is better to be safe than wake up to receive a subpoena in the inbox.

As major entertainment companies and their cronies enhance substantial surveillance on Netflix VPN users, it is essential to always subscribe with a foreign based VPN. Most VPN providers within the USA are completely hooked to PRISM surveillance while being subject to data retention laws, allowing authorities to penalize users for circumventing geo-restrictions or even downloading torrents.

Unblock Netflix’s Extensive Library by Using VPN

The US Netflix library consists of somewhere over 7200 titles in TV shows, movies, documentary and other categories put together. While older content is routinely removed, newer shows and movies are updated as soon as copyrights are procured. 

Netflix VPN Compatibility and Platform Availability

Netflix is now available as a built in app in hundreds of devices some of which include Apple TV, Roku Box 1 & 2, Boxee and Google Chromecast while their mobile app is available for both Android & iOS devices. Netflix can also be accessed through the PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles allowing users every opportunity to use the service over a varying range of devices.

Netflix’s Slow & Steady Expanding Horizons

Expansion began for Netflix in September 2010 when the company introduced their service in Canada. The service accumulated over 1 million users in a year and by the beginning of 2014 they were close to 6 million active Netflix Canada users.

In 2011 Netflix expanded services to South America in what became their largest development plan. The expansion gave Netflix access to a market of over 600 million people. The only hurdle that affected the expansion was the slow internet connections available in Latin America. The South American Netflix service was introduced to Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. While this was a disappointing venture, other regions waited patiently for their turn to officially receive Netflix.

Netflix Inc. aims to expand to 200 countries by the year 2017. 

Unblock Netflix Original Series with VPN

Apart from being able to unblock countless hours of entertainment from production houses like Sony, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lion gate Entertainment and others, your Netflix VPN will also allow you to enjoy original Netflix productions.

Popular Netflix Original Series include Marvel's Daredevil, Arrested Development (Season 4), House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove and The Square.

The idea began when Netflix Inc. revived the dead comedy show Arrested Development and produced season 4 publishing it exclusively on Netflix. This lead to the development of another great idea which has already 5 Emmy awards since it release. House of Cards was released in 2013 with one of the richest casts and an amazing story line capturing audiences across the world. The series was such a great hit that season 2 was released in 2014 followed by an amazing season 3 in 2015. “Orange is the new black”, has won 4 Emmy Awards for its first season.

Other famous shows by Netflix include, with more amazing shows to come. 

Choosing the Best VPN for Netflix 

Selecting your ideal Netflix VPN can be a headache nowadays, considering the number of active VPN services across the internet. While most brands will parade the same marketing line offering privacy, anonymity and security, the best Netflix VPN will offer much more than just the power to bypass geo-restrictions.

To enhance your streaming experience, a Netflix VPN should also offer the following added benefits:

  1. Worldwide server network across multiple continents 
  2. Top-tier data encryption 
  3. Compatibility with multiple OS & devices   
  4. Unlimited bandwidth consumption
  5. Web Protection & Firewall features and many more. 

In a Nutshell

While the plan to have a global Netflix presence is underway the most common ways to access their complete US libraries is through circumvention tools, namely Virtual private Networks (VPN) and SmartDNS services. VPN & SmartDNS have been the weapon of choice for users across the world to access Netflix from regions which are strategically blocked for viewing their content.

As Netflix expands their amazing video library and develop new markets, users are swarming to subscribe to their amazing bundles. For those of you who wish to access Netflix outside the US & Europe, access our ranked list of VPN providers and find the best one for your region. Let the streaming marathon begin with a Netflix VPN today. Feel free to contact us for suggestions or check our other streaming vpns

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