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Iran has some of the strictest internet restrictions and censorship in the Middle East. Freedom House ranked Iran 89 out of 89, behind China and Syria. An Iran VPN is the ideal solution to unblocking favorite services and accessing geo-restricted content in Iranian cyberspace. Unblock your favorite social networks, stream videos unrestricted and access your favorite websites using a premium Iran VPN service. According to Freedom House, 45% Iranians use VPN services to bypass the government’s internet censorship and geo-restrictions.

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While people are not persecuted for internet misdemeanors, Iran does practice a stringent policy of filtering internet traffic. Several news reports have identified that Iran government accomplishes their strategic filtering through a central location, hence monitoring the entire traffic volume passing through their cyberspace.

Compared to other enemies of internet freedom, Iran’s Internet Censorship policy does not impose any penalties and fines in Iran, but censorship is always there.

Banned Websites & Services in Iran 

According to a research conducted by J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, the ban on pornography websites in Iran seems to be a cover-up behind which the Iranian government has blocked around 500 of Alexa’s top ranking websites across various categories.

 In addition to adult websites, Iran's cyber censorship policy also clamps down on websites that have content on art, society, news, sports, games and regional information.

Covered in the strategic restrictions are most American social media networks/platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more. This is possible because the network filtering employed by Iran’s government has the unique ability to filter traffic based on the content it contains.

Iranian Government Discourages use of Encryption 

The Iranian government knows that internet surveillance and restrictions will fail if users begin to use encryption. That is why they have designed a clever little system that holds bandwidth hostage when users activate encryption.

 The Iranian government allows users to consume full bandwidth for routine internet activities, but as soon as a connection chooses encrypted SSH protocols (usually employed to circumvent restrictions), bandwidth falls to 20% of the total network speed (which is seriously ridiculous to start with).

Bypassing Bandwidth Throttling with Iran VPN

Disabling users from encrypting their internet activity and communication is probably the most ingenious tactic a national government can deploy. However, Iranian netizens and expats can use other VPN for Iran that offer a variety of tunneling protocols and encryption keys. For instance, the VPN services short-listed in the above list allow users to connect with a diverse range of devices.

There is however the option for academics and clerics (only), to request a high speed broadband connection. In addition, connections are throttled to ensure that users cannot access restricted video content and hate speech on the internet.

Common Uses of Iran VPN Services

An increasing number of Iranian Netizens have begun using VPN for Iran as security and anonymity tools to secure internet activity. The most prominent features of the best VPN service include

1) Unblocking all restricted/blocked websites and services blocked by geo-restrictions

2) Military grade encryption protocols & algorithms to bypass Iranian government’s surveillance

3) State of the art global network infrastructure to access international websites

4) IP masking to hide Iranian IP address

5) Web protection & firewall

6) Reducing bandwidth throttling, plus many more features. 

Overcoming Iran’s Internet Surveillance Problem

A VPN Iran ensures that you are anonymous by changing your local IP addresses and replaces it with one from the host server. For instance, if you want to access Facebook, connecting to a UK server will assign you a new UK based IP address. You will now be hidden behind a UK IP address, and your Iranian IP will be hidden from the prying eyes of your ISP and your government while you browse the internet with complete freedom.

The Iranian government categorically places restrictions on social media websites (and blogs) as well as those that have content on politics. Freedom gave Iran a total score of 91/100 (0 = best, 100 = worst).

According to research conducted by Freedom, the online privacy and censorship violations account for a violation of 90% of Iranian internet users’ rights.

Securing Data through Fast Encryption

Iran VPN providers also offer a diverse range of encryption protocols, allowing users to quickly choose the fastest or securest protocols to tunnel with.

Simply tunneling with a low encryption protocol will unblock all websites and possibly reduce throttling (depends on VPN server and ISP speed etc.) for faster browsing. The solution lies in ensuring that only reliable and user-friendly VPN services are used to encrypt data securely.


A premium Iran VPN provider usually has no limitations in their service package. Access complete reviews and features of the best VPN for Iran in our top providers chart. You can learn about the server networks, security protocols & encryption.

Although highly demanded and used in Iran’s cyberspace, free VPN services for Iran are not ideally the top picks to circumvent geo-restrictions and avoid censorship. While free VPN apps for Iran are easily found and accessible, they are highly limited by features and crowded with ads.

Access our full reviews and rankings to determine the best provider for your online activity. Come back again soon for seasonal discounts and more privacy relate news.

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