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France has always insisted on the importance of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”. Ironically, in 2013 the Telegraph reported that leaked GCHQ documents confirm France as one of the developed western nations that tap into domestic internet and phone communication lines.

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Government Surveillance In France

The dark ages of the HADOPI law may be over but that does not mean that French cyberspace is finally rid of internet surveillance. The French government takes action against bloggers, journalists and activists who voice their opinions against the government.

Using French VPN allow you to securely browse the internet without revealing your identity. Since your IP address is masked, using P2P sharing and accessing restricted web services is possible without the threat of identification. Similarly, bloggers and journalists can stay anonymous by tunneling to a foreign server - making it impossible for government internet surveillance agencies to track them.

Cybercrime in France  

Symantec reported that a massive 41% of French mobile users were victims of cybercrime, compared to a meager 29% in Europe. In addition, the cost of cybercrime in France went up by 20.5% in 2014, costing organizations a staggering €4.8 million.

The last line of defense for internet users in France is use tunneling, encryption and IP cloaking that a VPN provides. Only top-notch VPN service providers (such as those short-listed above) provide all-in-one packages that include French VPN services.

When choosing the best VPN France, do remember to find a service provider that has VPN servers in regions close to your location. Also ensure you get the highest grade security encryption (so your data is encoded and untraceable), while enjoying high speed internet. Strong encryption ensures emails, messages and all other communication is rigorously coded so not even the NSA can crack the information. 

The Need for a France VPN

France has a ruthless internet surveillance policy. The French government’s seeks to penalize users for downloading copyrighted content. Also the French government has an extensive law and surveillance system for P2P sharing, that involves monitoring users’ downloading and sharing of copyrighted material.

As the surveillance, restrictions and censorship continues to rise in France, it is becoming increasingly difficult to experience a free, full and private internet. The rapid development in the government's internet monitoring technology, and the barrage of legal formalities is ruining one of the best few inventions of the modern world. It is perhaps because of the same reason that an increasing number of internet users in the region have begun using VPN France.

If the concept of tunneling and encryption is new to you, a VPN Paris hides your IP address by tunneling your connection to a VPN server based in another country. This assigns you a new IP address from the hosting country, for instance a VPN based in Germany will offer a German IP address.

In a Nutshell

Historically France was liberal in its internet censorship and privacy matters. Over time new legislation and laws were developed, and later the government began invading user privacy without lawful rationale or justification. What journalists termed as an attack on internet privacy, the French government began filtering websites and penalizing users on their own discretion.

The best France VPN can be determined by researching various brands also depending where you are located. Some will offer a worldwide server network, while others will allow strict security over multiple operating systems and devices. 

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