Best Europe VPN For 2016

A VPN Europe is essential to protect your privacy and secure your data through military technology encryption and unblock all geo-restricted websites. While the other two are bonus benefits, the most important factor is protecting your identity when online. The European VPN ensures your identity is shielded, your location is changed and all your data is encoded through what are known as encryption algorithms (converts data into combination of binary numbers). Usually, providers offer between 128bit and 256bit encryption algorithms, the latter is known as the military grade standard of encrypting data.

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Europe VPN Bypass Excessive Government Surveillance

Europe has had lenient and liberal internet regulations until the 9/11 event. In the post 9/11 era began massive strategic surveillance of social networks, email services and messaging apps. Surveillance has existed in various EU countries since late 2002, so claiming that governments are showing disgust or arguing over new legislation is all a sham. 

Strategic surveillance centers based across Europe especially in Germany, France and UK have been in business since 9/11. European cyberspace has already been tampered with, sending precious pieces of personal information to either the NSA or GCHQ or German Intelligence Hubs.

A premium or free VPN for Europe enhances your online security apparatus, ensuring your local IP address is masked (hidden) from those keeping tabs on your online activity. At this point it is essential to inform you that your ISP (internet service provider) is also part of the mass surveillance. 

Cybercrime in Europe

Another growing trend in the past five years is cybercrime, especially child abuse and financial theft online. Different sources have quoted more than $70 billion in losses from cybercrime, while it is being estimated that this year alone $100 billion losses are expected. Europe is the leading region for cybercrime cases, including  

1. Russia (2,402, 722)

2. Germany (780,425)

3. Ukraine (566,531)

4. Hungary (367, 966), and

5. Romania (350, 948)

For iron clad security, proactive data encryption, and top tier identity protection choose a VPN for Europe today. ¬Access our exclusive VPN Europe provider reviews and find the best service for your needs. As I always remind you, trial your favorite services today and get the ideal solution for European cyberspace.

Streaming, Uploading & Downloading in Europe

EU member governments have also hurdled their internet with penalties for users downloading copyrighted movies, TV shows, games etc. whereas VoD services like Netflix US and Hulu are restricted for viewers outside the US. Until last year The Pirate Bay had operated their main servers from Sweden. TPB’s server facility was raided by the Swedish Police and their entire backups were confiscated in addition to the arrest of their only free founder.

A Europe VPN helps to unblock streaming, uploading and downloading, without having to worry about geo-restrictions and over-zealous surveillance by your ISP or your government. It hides your IP address and encrypts your data.

Using a Europe VPN for Ultimate Privacy

VPN or Virtual Private networks are simple remote connectivity and data protection tools. They were initially designed to allow mobile business personnel and travelling individuals to connect to their work or home networks securely through the internet.

Similarly, file-sharing fans can simply connect to a dedicated P2P server to enjoy flawless downloads, browsing and streaming. Europe VPN servers are optimized exclusively for P2P file-sharing to ensure bandwidth throttling is significantly reduced. This also ensures that ISPs, government snoops and malicious hackers cannot interrupt the online session. 

Protecting Your Identity with a Europe VPN

A VPN connects your computer to servers based in different regions, for example, connecting to a Netherlands server through a German ISP will show your IP address from the Netherlands. If you observe in the diagram above, your PC connects to the VPN server through a tunnel created in cohesion with a tunneling protocol.

Once you have established the tunneled VPN connection, all internet traffic and requests are sent to the public internet through your provider’s VPN server. ISPs, government spying and hackers will only see a connection with a VPN server, whereas they will never be able to decipher your data or see what you are accessing.

Unblock Websites & P2P Downloading with Europe VPN

A massive populace of Europeans access video on demand streaming (Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO) and use P2P download services to share media. In the past few years, various European nations have introduced legislation to geo-restrict VoD services and criminalize P2P sharing. Users face severe penalties, jail time, IP blocks and bandwidth throttling when using such services. 

What to look for in the best Europe VPN?

Realizing you need a VPN is easy, finding the best ones that perform in Europe without giving away your location and identity is harder. In a market crowded by thousands of providers, you must be patient and research some aspects that separate the best VPN Europe services from the worse ones. 

1. Server Network

A wide global server network is the defining aspect of any Europe VPN provider. FreeVPN for Europe will usually have locations based in fewer countries while a premium provider will have strategically located servers to ensure top tier services. 

2. Logs Policy

Most brands in the VPN industry are obliged by European law to not only keep logs but also maintain personal data of customers. An ideal Europe VPN provider will ensure minimum data is required to register for the service, while they will only maintain connection time logs and retain this info for less than 10 days. Maintenance of logs is a legal requirement in Europe so the trick is to subscribe to a service based outside the USA, Israel, China, EU and UK. 

3. Encryption & Tunneling

These are two critical aspects that a Europe VPN is based upon, tunneling to hide your IP & location and encryption to code your data so cybercriminals and surveillance agencies cannot make use of it. The most common tunneling protocols deployed are PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and Hybrid VPN. 

In a Nutshell

As Europe, US, China, Japan and a handful of nations around the world aim towards creating a Global Online Censorship regime, which basically failed when the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was rejected by a landslide, EU netizens are responsible for their own security.

A VPN for Europe allows access to geo-restricted services by changing the IP address and virtual location of the user. You can unblock the full US Netflix library, Sky TV streaming UK, BBC iPlayer and many other VoD services with two clicks – without having to worry about ISP or government surveillance.

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