Best China VPN To Bypass Restrictions (September 2015 Updated)

China’s great internet firewall is possibly the most complex and sophisticated censorship framework in practice today. Over the years we have seen bans on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Four Square and many other web services. The only way to get through this giant digital firewall of censorship and surveillance is to use a VPN. This will give you access to social networks and geo-restricted websites – without having to fear the government or covert spy agencies. The ideal way to bypass the Great firewall is through China VPN services.

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Latest Update: China’s Network Security Officers

China is placing 'Network Security Officers' in the country's top tech firms to gain direct access to data streams. The government has instructed the 2 million Network Security Officers to identify and report sources or rumors that can "impair the national dignity of China" and take action against them.

The new division of China's internet police will be responsible for ensuring that users remain unable to access the thousands of websites that are blocked in the country, making it impossible for Chinese internet users to stay safe without using data encryption, tunneling and IP cloaking software

Amongst the top 10 countries where people use Chinese VPN services to access social networks and email, China leads with the number of users with over 93 million users. While many monitoring agencies have also reported that traffic to Google mirrors have increased after the ban on all Google services.

Here are a few facts that you should know about internet censorship in China:

The Chinese government employs over 2 million internet surveillance monitors

China's Great Firewall also blocks out the Tor anonymity network and all public relays

News and social-media websites such as Bloomberg News, the New York Times, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been blocked in China for years

The government keeps a close eye on the internet activity of bloggers, journalists and reporters in the region, both local and foreigners

Free hosting services (mostly those based in the west) are frequently blocked out

Best VPN for China Bypass Geo-Restrictions on Streaming Websites

Over half of the Chinese population is hyper-connected to the internet, and all of them curse the government's restrictions every time they try to access the World Wide Web.

The Fastest VPN China service will ensure you can interact on social networks, browse video streaming sites, download torrents and make unrestricted VoIP calls with complete privacy without having a government monitoring team breathing down your neck.

China’s Surveillance

China’s internet police are tasked to remain active on communities, forums, and social media platforms through fake profiles. They do this to keep an eye on Chinese internet users and to ensure that anti-government sentiment is red-flagged and removed before it can gain momentum online. People who express any anti-government sentiment are red-flagged and frequently investigated.

Considering the blatant Chinese government’s surveillance/domination of the internet these days, there are no downsides to using a VPN. An increasing number of Chinese internet users have begun to use VPN providers - like those short-listed above to anonymously unblock social media and streaming websites!

The Best China VPN Reviews

There are countless VPN reviews out there that claim to be listing the best VPN for China. But not all VPN services provide fast, reliable and secure services within the Chinese internet infrastructure.

You have to be careful when selecting your Chinese VPN service provider. In addition, even though a free China VPN can be used to cater to limited needs like email and a single social media account, authentic services provide additional capabilities. When choosing a China VPN provider be sure to assess them on the following criteria:

Global server network

Unlimited server switches

Bandwidth caps

Logging policies

Multi device & OS compatibility

Access privileges in Chinese boundaries

One of the most important aspects of a China VPN provider is the accessibility of the service in the country as numerous users have complained about instability, log-in problems and slow speed issues.

Why Choose a VPN Service in China?

Unblocking access to social media is not the only reason to use a China VPN provider. A 2010 survey by the BBC revealed that only 44% Chinese users believe that their internet is a safe place to express their opinions.

The 2014 Freedom House report on China states that China's Freedom Rating currently stands at 6.5 out of 7 (1 = Best, 7 = Worst). The independent review gave China similarly dismal rankings for the categories of 'Civil Liberties' and 'Political Rights'.

In a Nutshell

In a region with highly pervasive internet monitoring and restrictions on public opinion using a VPN is possibly the primary way of securing yourself online.

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