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Austria has historically enjoyed one of the most liberal cyberspaces in the Europe, until recently. On 1st August 2015 an Austrian court followed suit to other EU nations and blocked The Pirate Bay and several other P2P, torrent & online streaming websites. Apart from copyright infringement, Austria also suffers from proactive state censorship of journalists and online news forums. Like its EU family members, Austria also seeks stringent copyright infringement laws to protect foreign entertainment giants operating in their country.

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 The recent block on P2P and streaming services in Austria (along with Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and UK) is again the work of media giants with deep pockets. As Torrent Freak reported

“Following a complaint from copyright holders the Commercial Court of Vienna ordered local ISP A1 Telekom to block subscribers’ access to The Pirate Bay.”

Advantages & Uses of the Best Austria VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is the modern day solution to ISP blocking, 3rd party marketing scripts, malicious codes in links and government surveillance apparatuses. The best Austria VPN accomplishes the following for you when activated:

Cloak Your IP Address for Online Privacy

The primary function of a VPN for Austria is to hide your local IP address and replace it with a new one. The new IP address assigned to you will depend on the Austria VPN server you are connected to. An IP address is your address on the internet and is the first point of contact for copyright trolls, hackers and surveillance agencies.

Once the Austria VPN has cloaked your IP address with a new one your ISP cannot track any of your activities online let alone streaming and torrent downloads.

Advanced Encryption to Guarantee Data Security

The advanced encryption & tunneling protocols ensure that marketing scripts cannot extract your online buying behavior, hackers cannot intercept your personal information and governments cannot understand data they have extracted from your devices. The fastest super computer in the world can decode 256 bit encryption keys (the benchmark encryption offered by Austria VPN providers) in an estimated 1.2 billion years.

This is by far the most sacred and important tool for journalists and bloggers too, who are under threat of being censored or penalized for their published content. A premium Austria VPN can actively secure and change the way you publish news and POVs online. 

Tunneling Protocols for Cyber Security

The most important feature of the best Austria VPN is its ability to make your data transfers anonymous and encode them into meaningless characters. This is very significant given David Cameron (PM of UK) had to legally challenge encryption and deny the masses any privacy at all. The good news is courts have denied his request to put an end to encryption.

Tunneling protocols can be best explained as digital cryptographic (code language) tools that allow your data to safely flow from one point to another online. For instance, if you send an email to your parents without the security of a VPN Austria and hackers intercept it they can read your message. Using a mix of Austria VPN protocols and encryption keys you can code the message to be unreadable.

Austria VPN for Torrenting

Since the government and a lobby of trolling copyright owners is now after torrent trackers, there must be a way to access The Pirate Bay and others. And Austria VPN for torrenting will ensure you are safely behind a secure VPN tunnel, downloading torrents through optimized servers for P2P & file sharing.

Popular Austrian IPs such as Telekom Austria (incumbent), UPC, Tele2 and kabelPlus, now block access to what are being termed “Structurally Infringing” websites:

·         The Pirate Bay




·, and


Do remember that not all VPN for Austria provide dedicated P2P & Torrent servers for high speed downloading. Access various provider reviews and confirm that your favorite Austria VPN service allows downloading and provides optimized servers.

Austria VPN for all Devices and Operating Systems

The best Austria VPN service will not only be highly compatible with famous OS like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, but also with hundreds of devices (dependent on the provider) including DD-WRT routers, Tomato USB, Sabai Technologies, Roku Box, Boxee, Apple TV, Smart TVs, gaming consoles amongst others.

This amazing compatibility of premium Austria VPN services has allowed for breakthrough software & apps from many vendors. These modern apps allow you one click connect, reconnect, internet kill switch, customer support, server map and other features available from the Austria VPN provider. IPVanish VPN and Express VPN are known for their easy to use apps.

Access our device specific and OS specific VPN pages to access the best iPad VPN for Austria, the best Android VPN and more.

Free Your Internet with a VPN for Austria

The true grit of an Austria VPN provider is tested when you analyze their available server network across the most important regions.  For instance, if you require connecting to Netflix the ideal locations include USA and the United Kingdom. IPVanish VPN offers a well laid server network in the US allowing users to connect from all corners of the world and access Netflix on demand.

Similarly, netizens in Austria can access their favorite torrent and streaming service with the best VPN for Austria. The best place to start is simply noting which Austria VPN offers the best server network. Not many regions are optimized for P2P & torrent downloads therefore make sure you test before your commit for the long term.

 A vast Austria VPN server network provides quick connectivity, removes speed barriers and allows connectivity to global entertainment and information sources.

In a Nutshell 

Now that Austria has finally given into the censorship regime it is your duty as Austrian netizens to keep your online activity private and secure. Head over to our exclusive Austria VPN reviews, browse through the list of specialized Austria VPN for torrenting or streaming and choose the best one for your online needs. 

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