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Apple TV is the undisputed heartbeat of Apple fans who love to stream their media on TV’s. The only sad thing about the Apple TV and a majority of its video streaming and music apps is that they only work within selected regions. These geo-restrictions usually apply outside the USA or UK depending where you bought the Apple TV device. Apps like Netflix, HULU, iPlayer, iTV Player, BBC Sport, Sky Sports, ESPN, NBC, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, UFC, NFL, and NBA amongst many others require an Apple TV VPN to unblock them outside the US or UK.

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Why You Need an Apple TV VPN?

Most of the video and audio streaming apps listed on the app store (and within the Apple TV) device are geo-restricted and do not allow access from countries other than the USA or United Kingdom.

While you can always use the huge selection of apps and mirror them to your TV through the Apple TV, there are built in ready to go apps within the device as well. You can easily unblock with the Apple TV VPN Netflix, iPlayer, Spotify, Pandora, ESPN, Sky Sports and thousands of other region specific geo-restricted apps.

The Apple TV VPN will accomplish this app unblocking by:

1.     Replacing your local IP address with one from the US, UK or other required region (e.g. instead of your Singapore IP address showing it will show a masked US IP address like

2.     Virtually change your location to the specified region (for example from Singapore to USA)

How to Setup Apple TV VPN

How to Setup Apple TV VPN

The Apple TV does not have a complete iOS or Mac OSx built into it, therefore it is not possible to configure your Apple TV VPN client within the box itself. The easiest way to unblock geo-restrictionsperpetually on the Apple TV consoleis to setupApple TV VPN on yourApple TV VPN router. 
You will require three things:
- An Apple TV VPN service 
- An Apple TV VPN router preferably DD-WRT Router, Tomato USB Router or any otherApple TV VPN compatible router (recommended brands include DDWRT Asus, Belkin, Tomato, TP-Link, D-link,  Netgear Genie, Pfsense, Synology)
- Your ISP modem/router (this is the device you already havefrom the ISP)
Here is how to setup your Apple TV VPN on a DDWRT Sabai Technologies Router:
1. Go to the configurations panel/menu of your Router. Click Setup/Preferences/Settings (alsoremember torefer to your router guide for instructions how to access the configuration menu)
Apple tv vpn setup step 1
2. Click the “Connection Type” drop down menu, select PPTP or L2TP depending on which protocol you want to use (we will use PPTP)
apple tv vpn setup 2
3. Once PPTP is selected, a new option of “Use DHCP” will appear. Check the option to “Yes” or “On”. Leaving options as they are in the 3 following fields,goto:
a. Gateway (PPTP Server)and type in the required server your need, for instance I am using “” to access BBC iPlayer 
b. In the “User Name”box enter the credentials provided by your VPN service, I am using my PureVPN (very easy to setup) details below. Leave all other settings as they are, you can also contact your VPN provider or access their online manuals for additional settings. 
apple tv vpn setup step 3
Once you have completed browse down the page and click the “Save Settings”button. 

Get Your Apple TV VPN Today

Now that you know why you need an Apple TV VPN client and how to setup an Apple TV VPN, unblock all those geo-restrictionsand bid them farewell. Have a look at our exclusive ranking table above, read through the expert reviews and find the best Apple TV VPN servicefor your router. 
Leave us a message if you need help setting up your Apple TV VPN router and do leave feedback for improvement. Visit us again soon for more guides, VPN deals and technology news. 


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